Saturday, 13 October 2012

Children's Event : Fun Factory !

Hey everyone! Are you dog friendly? Cause dear Roxy here wants to shake your hand!
 Ain't this 6yr old adorable?

In one of my previous post, I mentioned Fun Factory. Well, fun factory is basically a children's weekend in my church - City Harvest. So, on that weekend itself, we had children sharing their testimonies, giving offering challenge, doing dance, drama & a lot more! We even had some workshops after the service. Here are some photos of the kids and I.
 That's Maureen, Venessa and Rebecca.
 He actually came real close to the camera, but when I said "1,2,3", he leaned backwards. Cheeky little fella.
 This is Reuben. My junior class kid. A boy who loves his transformers, iron man and thomas & friends very much.
 The two main characters of the children drama. Snow White and her prince charming.
In the drama, prince charming ( Wesley ) went : "I am the prince, I mean.. I was the prince, now I'm your slave". The crowd's heart just melted right there. How adorable.
I don't have that many photos sadly. Didn't get to take pictures with all of them. Oh wells, now, it's time to update about BoxOfHobbies.

Remember how I talked about the earrings which comes from the back? 
 They are born! Thing is, the studs are not done yet because I don't have enough of those flatbase pearls. I'm buying some real soon so I can get these gorgeous earrings up. Other than that, Patchy Puzzles have been on the move too!
These came in the mail! I bought some items to check their actual products as well as the quality. Some were good and some weren't. The few good ones are now up in BoxOfHobbies!
Same concept as my button earrings, these lovelies which I call "3mini peek-a-boos" appears from behind the ears as well! I only bought 1 pink and 1 purple then. Will be buying more for myself as well as BoxOfHobbies. 2 person has already pre-ordered this. 
Rm8 Owl necklace.
Rm5 Little Ballet Slipper Earrings.
All these 3 items could be bought from BoxOfHobbies! If they're out, just contact them and they might help you pre-order the items.
That was all the updates about BoxOfHobbies. Here's Roxy to bid you goodbye. Toodles!

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