Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stay Healthy!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything for 4 days now. The reason why I haven't been posting is because I've been pretty busy lately. I have 2 assignments due real soon, one of them is a video and I shall share it with you guys next Monday!

Other than assignments, I also have to finish up one customer's order and then continue in preparing for a young entrepreneurship competition this Sunday!
 This Sunday (4th November 2012), BoxOfHobbies will be at Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre for the competition! I will be selling lots of NEW items (it's a secret till Sunday), so do drop by and check it out if you can! We might add in some promotions and freebies on that day! So don't miss it!
In the midst of this busy season, my dad sent me an email full of healthy stuff. One of the attachments in the email is the picture above. And because of that picture, please don't be surprise if you see me gobbling down a whole lemon fruit.
A few tips on when to drink water. I find it pretty interesting, how about you?
I will try to follow SOME, but definitely not all. I'm not that discipline to do so just yet.
Eat those with dark spots! Just because they look a little uglier, doesn't mean they're all that bad!
Banana increases happiness and says bye to PMS? Really?
So many more other benefits as well! No wonder Monash University have a vending machine purely for bananas! It must be their secret to successful students!

So, that is all for today. I promise to update more after.. perhaps.. Friday? We'll see how it goes. Pray that my workload disappears soon! Thanks for dropping by! Stay healthy! Bye!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Shopping And Drawing

 This is my trophy. Apparantly, I was one of the five who won a song writing competition in CIMP. The melody of the song is the same, all you have to do is change the lyrics. I submitted purely to get marks for my malaysian studies subject (everyone who submits will get marks) and never thought I could've won. But tadaa, here's the trophy, and I'll be getting extra marks too!
 Oh how I love the colour blue. Look at that adorable whale on the right! These two iphone covers were drawn by me for a friend's class assignment. They are to come up with products to sell for their business class.
During break today, Michele and I went around shopping in Pyramid. And these are what I bought! I felt so happy buying the platform heels. I've fallen in love with shoes lately so I got really excited in the shop. Both the canvas shoe and the platform heels would be redecorated. I will be drawing/painting on them. Transforming them like how a caterpillar would turn into a butterfly! I'm really excited about it!
 The awesome platform heels!
 That's all for today. Bye!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quail Egg Clay Display Item

Happy 2nd Anniversary Ivan & Mei Si! Congratulations on the baby that is on the way!
Here's a post showing how the display above was made.
 A quail's egg. I ate for the shell.
 "Crack crack crack". Collected them in a container. Perhaps I could still use the mini pieces.
 I painted the shell a little ivory yellow with acrylic paint.
 A tiny baby was born with a twirl of hair.
 Added a pacifier! It's my first time making a project with a baby actually. It's new, exciting and fun! Before this tiny baby, I actually cracked a chicken egg for the shell and made a baby that size. Later on, I realize it's too big and then change to a quail's egg and a mini baby. I'm glad though, this one looks way cuter!
Now, for the making of the parents!
 Here's their head!
 ...and their body. White was really hard to work with. They catch dust real fast and any tiny bit could be seen ever so obviously.
 The hair was slowly fixed up one strand at a time.
When that was done, the baby was glue down to join the parents.The words "Our 2nd Anniversary" was written in acrylic paint with a needle. A paintbrush would give too big of a mess and might ruin the display item.
 I'm really happy with how the it all turned out, especially the little baby. It was something new and it still came out lovely.
 The little baby.
Adorable little one.
The End!

Rainbow Glass Bottles

Here's a random picture!
Today's post will be about rainbow glass bottles. Well, just a short post for now actually. I will make another post after 12am. I'm starting to try to separate posts instead of clattering different things into one like how I used to do.
 It's bath the bottles day. I found all of these sitting inside of my glass display. I haven't seen them for a very very long time and they've all grown mustaches & beards (dust).
 I used to make coloured water with magic markers and then decorate them with beads, glitter and other interesting shiny stuff. When you shake the bottle, everything becomes shimmery.
 Here's a whole family of my special rainbow water.
 Took them out, cleaned them and realize how beautiful they are. I made them when I was still in primary school.
And this special one was done in form 3? I bought special paint for ceramic and glass. Enjoyed painting all these and give them away as gifts. Because it's a special paint, the cups or glass bottles can be used and washed without the paint coming off. 

Hmm. Perhaps I should start painting cups again and probably have them up on BoxOfHobbies .
That's all. 30mins plus till I put up my next post! Yipee!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Study Buddies & An Orchid

 Good morning everyone! I slept on February (my teddy)'s tummy last night. Here's a little update on yesterday!

 I was serving yesterday. It was my first time teaching the senior class (5-9yrs) and I was excited. I love my juniors (2-4yrs), and yesterday, I missed them. But at the same time, I wanted to get to know the seniors. Ever since the old church building, I haven't got to mix around much with the seniors and felt a little distant from them.
After children's church, the teachers stayed back to have a massive clean up session! What you see in the picture is not even everything that we had! Things were still being moved from the storeroom!
 I adopted some buddies and head to Monash to study with awesome people I know. The little study buddies decorated the table and got odd stares from passersby(s). It was funny.
 I didn't bring a book since I came straight from church. While waiting for my dad to bring them for me, I walked around to search for a book. I found one named 'Orchid Fever'. So, I decided to draw an orchid. I haven't been drawing since a long time ago. ( here & here )
 The finished orchid. I'm not much of a plant artist. I prefer drawing animals. I think it's my first time drawing a plant.

( Click here to see my 6th drawing book! )
Enjoy! Bye!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pasta Buffet At Louisiana , Kelana Jaya

 Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! And MORE Pasta!
Believe it or not, I gobbled down these 4 plates of pasta (without leaving a single strand of spaghetti) during a lunch meal at Secret Of Louisiana, Kelana Jaya.

1. Cajun Garlic Shrimp (I think it's my favourite so far)
2. Beef Bolognaise
3. Pasta Vongolle
4. Creamy Pasto White Fish

Surprised? I guess my tummy could be a real monster if I wanted it to be.
 Alongside that, I drank 4 glasses of ice lemon tea too! And ate the lemon that came along in the glass.
 This is their menu. I ate that many because it was an 'All You Can Eat Spaghetti Buffet' ! You can only order one plate at a time. As you finish one, you get to order the other. No sharing is allowed. It was pretty fun as you play along with friends seeing who could eat more plates.

Other than the all you can eat pasta, these came along :
Free Flow Mushroom Soup
Free Flow Ice Lemon Tea
Free Flow Salad 
Ice Cream Of The Day

Best of all, everything added up to only Rm18.90 ! Totally worth it!
This was our ice cream of the day. Chocolate! Their chocolate ice cream was pretty good. Very chocolaty. I think my sister ( 10morebites ) would love it.
This is my dad's reply as I told him what I had for lunch.
If you're interested to have the lunch buffet at Louisiana's, the address and contacts are listed below.

Block D-01-01,
Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya,
@ The Lake
Petaling Jaya

Telephone: +603 - 7875 5230
Fax: +603 - 7877 9230
Mobile Phone Number: +6012 - 983 0230