Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Planking Awkward Rhino

 At the beach! This picture looks a little chubby, but I still kinda like it.
 Meet my Awkward Rhino ! It's planking on the bed frame! How adorable.
 Love Love Love Love my little planking rhino !
 Something came in the mail today!
And as always, I'm EXCITED ! I can't wait to start using them! I want to bling phone covers for BoxOfHobbies !

I never knew simple plain bead bracelets could look so awesome! Never knew till a customer specially orders some of them.
 One by itself may look a little too simple, but a few together sure makes a difference!
 Everything is handmade. Even the beads!
Mix and match any preferred colours!
Alright. That's all for today's post! Here's a picture of my awkward baby and I ! 
Do return a huge awkward smile. Hee! Tata people!

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