Thursday, 12 June 2014

Drawing : Flower Crown Girl

 I've recently decided that I wanna try drawing more. And thus, here's another drawing of a girl in a flower crown. I love the roses in her hair.
 I started out with this. Her shoulders and arms were not as easy as it seems.
 Finished her hair.
 More gentle details.
 And done! Darken everything and added shades into her hair. I dare not colour her in or anything like that for now. We'll see if I eventually do.

 Random summary photo. Sorta. haha!

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Drawing Inspired By Elsa

 Hi everyone! I don't always do a lot of drawings, especially not these kind. If I do draw, I usually draw portraits. But I've been pretty inspired by instagram users lately with different styles of drawing and painting. And so I decided to try this.
 I used a pencil to draw Elsa (inspired by Elsa but not exactly Elsa?) first before colouring her in.

 A bit more of her hair is done.
 I rarely draw human, and the eyebrows were kinda tricky to get it right. So were the eyes and mouth. Not the best, but at least it looks pretty alright?

 I am always afraid of colouring things in. I'm afraid it would spoil the whole drawing or character. I tried anyways, her face being first. I coloured really lightly though. Still afraid of the outcome.
 After darkening her eyes, I think she looks much better. Then I continued with her hair. I'm always impressed by how people colour them in whereby it really looks like there were lights shone on it.
 I coloured pieces in and tried the 'light effect'. I mixed blue and green for her hair. The colour's a bit different though I'm not sure why or how to correct it. It's more bluish than the greenish hair above. Though I like both the colours in the photo above and below.
 She pretty much looks something like this.
 Then I outlined the snowflake-like petals on her hair.
 I didn't think of darkening her lips at first, but decided to try after.
I like how the top of her outfit shows an 'icicle-like' design.

And with that I'm done.

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Tutorial : Rilakkuma Clay Figurine

Hello!!! Have you seen my latest post of Kiiroitori? If you haven't, do check it out here!
Because Kiiroitori was made, I thought I should make Rilakkuma too! Any fans out there?

What you'll need :
1) Clay (Brown, White, Yellow)
2) Black Acrylic Paint
3) Glue or Bake N Bond

Let's start!
 I don't have too many progress photos as the steps are really really easy. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out.

Basically, you'll need 2 large brown clay for the head and the body. 4 medium ones for Rilakkuma's ears and feet (the ears are slightly larger) and 2 small brown clay for Rilakkuma's hands!
Once you got that, it's time to make the yellow pieces. Have them be quarter of what your brown clay is. Roll the yellow clay into balls and press them down. All you have to do then is just place them over the brown clay.

For Rilakkuma's arms, roll them both into a teardrop shape and attach. Yeap. It's that simple!
For the white pieces, it's pretty much the same as the ears and feet except they're a more oval shape. With the body slightly longer than the one on the face.

And now it's time to paint on Rilakkuma's face!
Get out your black acrylic paint! I used a headpin to assist me in the painting stage. But you can use anything with a tip like a needle or a toothpick. Make sure your hands are still. You can also practice on a piece of paper first if you're unsure.
 And tadaaa! You're done!
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tutorial : Kiiroitori Clay Figurine! (Rilakkuma And Friends)

 Hey everyone!! It's Kiiroitori from Rilakkuma And Friends!!
I personally am not a fan of Rilakkuma or Kiiroitori, but I thought it's a really really cute little fella. So I thought to just make one out and see. Here's a tutorial so you can do the same!

What you'll need :
1) Clay (Yellow, Orange, Black)
2) Toothpick/Clay tool
3) Glue/Bake N Bond (optional)

 This character is very very simple. Roll a yellow ball of clay. Start by making Kiiroitori's beak. Roll 2 very small pieces of orange clay. One slightly bigger than the other. Place it on with glue/bake and bond just like the photo above. Then use a toothpick or your clay tool to press two dots on it's upper beak.
 Make the 2 little dots of Kiiroitori's eyes. Then, make some thin long black clay strands and cut them into several pieces of the same length. Use this to make the feet and the hair on Kiiroitori's head. Press the strands one on top of the other to keep them together before gluing them down.
 Roll out 2 pieces of yellow clay each into a teardrop shape for Kiiroitori's wings! Glue them together if the size is right!
 And with that, you're done!

Also check out our Rilakkuma!

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Crazy Adorable Penguin Clay Charms!

 Have you ever seen a red penguin? I haven't. But here's three little sweethearts!
They come in Blue, Black and Red!

This here's a customized order for all things penguins!
 I made an extra blue just cause I needed to finish up some clay.

 I still think the black penguin is the cutest of all! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

 Too cute to not share! Ahhh!! PENGUINS!
Little penguin charms by Jolene Lew (Craftysupermom)
 And, other than those penguin necklace charms, I was asked to make a little penguin phone plug piece too! It's not as cute as the necklace charms, but I think it's still pretty alright. Couldn't add those thick penguin lips on. haha! 
 Well, that is all for now! And here's a fun fact about penguins!!
How sweet isn't it? I actually think it's kinda cute. And they actually stay together FOREVER! Awwww. Cute and loyal little ones. 

That's all! Bye!
Have a superb day ahead!

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Henna Tattoo at Taylor's Lakeside

Hi everyone! Some time back, I was invited to Taylor's Lakeside by a friend to help with a Henna Tattoo booth! I thought that was pretty fun and I haven't done henna since high school back in 2009! So I thought why not. It's a booth that's completely free, no charge and you can pick any design you want.

I had some samples in my ipad, and let the 'customers' choose. Back in 2009, all I ever did was small simple henna tattoos. But I'm quite glad that this time round they chose a lot more complicated designs and I am able to try them out. I am also able to freely change the designs slightly and be more creative.

Here are a few designs I've done that day.
 A pretty cute design. I quite like the diamond in the middle.
 Flowers! I think this one is really really beautiful.
 I suppose this is one of the more complicated designs I've done. I love the outcome!
 A simple feather.
 Pretty unique. It reminds me of the sea.

My two favourite from that day :
Which one do you like better?

That's all for today
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