Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tutorial : Kiiroitori Clay Figurine! (Rilakkuma And Friends)

 Hey everyone!! It's Kiiroitori from Rilakkuma And Friends!!
I personally am not a fan of Rilakkuma or Kiiroitori, but I thought it's a really really cute little fella. So I thought to just make one out and see. Here's a tutorial so you can do the same!

What you'll need :
1) Clay (Yellow, Orange, Black)
2) Toothpick/Clay tool
3) Glue/Bake N Bond (optional)

 This character is very very simple. Roll a yellow ball of clay. Start by making Kiiroitori's beak. Roll 2 very small pieces of orange clay. One slightly bigger than the other. Place it on with glue/bake and bond just like the photo above. Then use a toothpick or your clay tool to press two dots on it's upper beak.
 Make the 2 little dots of Kiiroitori's eyes. Then, make some thin long black clay strands and cut them into several pieces of the same length. Use this to make the feet and the hair on Kiiroitori's head. Press the strands one on top of the other to keep them together before gluing them down.
 Roll out 2 pieces of yellow clay each into a teardrop shape for Kiiroitori's wings! Glue them together if the size is right!
 And with that, you're done!

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