Monday, 27 February 2012

Tutorial : Clay Shoe

 Hey lovely people! How are you guys doing? I've been so busy these days that I barely have time to do any crafting. Thus, my blog being less crafty. I'm currently working on a wedding project for BoxOfHobbies, but it won't be shown here till mid March. Anyways, I made something last night and thought I'd share it with you! Here's a tutorial on making polymer clay shoes. It's my first try on it. Hope you enjoy it! BoxOfHobbies shall be making more of these to be sold as keychains, necklaces, earrings and others! You could grab one from there soon if you're too lazy to exercise your fingers. Enjoy!
 Pile up some random scraps of unwanted clay and form a pill shape. This would be the support for the foot. Using a blade, cut out blue piece. It sort of look like a skateboarding slope to me. You could try drawing one side on a piece of paper, folding it into half and cutting it out. Then, place the paper on the clay and start chomping away the unwanted bits.
Continue on by adding a long oval piece on the top and a semicircle piece (different colour) at the very front part of the shoe. 
 Blend in the sides that are not smooth, be sure not to blend it till the lines could not be seen. Add a long white strip on the very bottom around the whole shoe.
 Cut out long thin lines of white or a colour of your choice, and fix up the lacing. This should be simple enough.
 And tadaa! Your shoe is done! Add a headpin or an eyepin, fix it up and turn it into a keychain or accessory of your choice! That is all for the shoe! Give yourself a clay and a pat on the back for getting through this tutorial!
And what's this? It's a texture maker I bought from a craft shop! It's my very first texture maker. It seems like I'm wasting money, but it was calling out my name. I couldn't resist it. *innocent smile*

Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Journey To Ipoh !

Lets start the blog with 2 lovey dovey pigeons. Okay, done! 

Off we went, to the land of yummies - Ipoh! (Last Sunday) I wanted to write to the land of 'Liews', but I suppose only my church friends would get it. Anyways, a couple of my church friends and I randomly planned a trip to Ipoh. Our plan was to visit Gua Tempurung and experience Level 4.

Our journey started by gathering at Wei Shen's house, then heading to satisfy our tummy. We had herbal duck soup with wan tan mee. On the way there, snacks were being passed around too!
 Could you see what's on my bag?

 I love this picture above. The little moth likes me!
Walking towards the cave. It rained on the night before, causing the water in the cave to rise. Level 3 & 4 was closed. Our guide however, gave us an exclusive preview of Level 4. We got into 5% of level 4 and played with the water. We crawled, slide and had a bunch of fun! Then we quickly went back up before anyone catches us. It was pretty fun. We continued playing with water at platform 1 after that.
 Here's a few pictures inside the cave :

There was a heart in the ceiling of the cave! Cool eh? Anyways, after Gua Tempurung, we went to have our lunch - Ipoh Chicken Rice. We bought a pillow shaped ba-zhang to try as well. Yes, this is the lunch, not the duck wan tan mee. We're going to be fat!
 Later on, we got to Dicvinn's grandmother's house and rested for a bit. We went over to the field to play frisbee and off we went for dinner again. This is what we had :
Cheese baked prawn

Fish ball

Glass noodle with crab
 The cheese baked prawn was super good, everyone was digging for leftover cheese! Well,
that's all for today's post! Hope the food has made you hungrier!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

USJ11 Junk Sale

On the 18th of February, a Saturday, a junk sale was held in USJ11/7.
 I heard about it through Ling Wai. Her sister's friend was the host. I decided to join in and get rid of all my junk that has stood still and caught dust all these while. We all arrived at 8am to set up, and it looked like this :
It looks pretty cool doesn't it? I liked how the peg boards were used for hanging accessories.
Cheap accessories! What more could you ask for?
Some of these clothes were going out for only RM3! Others RM5 and slightly more.
Little trinkets. Soft toys and key chains were being sold. Many of them are brand new and only lived in a glass display. Books at the junk sale went as low as RM3.
 They had some pretty cool stuff and I was tempted to buy them. It's all so cheap! I told myself I wouldn't buy it unless no one bought it and the end of the day though. Some of the items there were not even worn, but sold at only RM5 each. Some prices went as low as RM2!

 Those in the box are going for RM2 each!
 Drama movies!
 I fell in love with this jacket! It's so adorable and has only been worn once! It was going for RM15 and I was so tempted! I didn't buy it though, helped a friend buy it first after promoting it through Facebook.
 I wanted to get the shoes on the very right of the picture. Maybe I'll get it in the next junk sale!
 I kinda like these too. They looked lovely. Sadly, I seldom wear accessories except for those I make myself or are given by people.
Some of the guys promoting the junk sale by the road side.

 Well, that is all for the junk sale in February! We're planning to have another one in March! This time, it'll be at my place. So, be sure to drop by and have a look! Who knows, our junk, could be your TREASURE. Oh! And you've got to bring your own shopping bag! Save the earth! That's all! I shall update you guys once again when the time comes. Have a lovely day! Bye!

Friday, 17 February 2012

A Rapunzel Valentine

For Valentines day, one of my friend made a customized order for his girlfriend. The theme was Rapunzel - Tangled. I was really excited with this project and couldn't wait to start! I finished quite a while back, but can only blog about it now as the gift is a surprise. And tadaa! Here's the post!

A plain box

I used this paint to paint the inside base of the box. It's a special paint they use to paint porcelain, but I haven't done that in a while so I thought I'd better use it before it all dries out. It's a pretty good paint.

While waiting for the paint to dry, let's mold some clay!
 Rapunzel and Flynn in the making!

Pretty much done. Flynn doesn't have a beard as the customer asked to remove it. His girlfriend doesn't like it. Off it goes into the oven! The eyes are painted on with acrylic paint.
 The final product!
Using the stone alphabets made in this tutorial ! Ain't it beautiful? I love the stony feel.

End product! Yipee! That's all! Thanks for reading! Bye!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tutorial : Salt dough keychain

Hey people! How are you guys doing? Are you loving your life as much as I'm loving mine?
Anyways, on Valentines Day, Ling Wai and I gave out salt dough ornaments. We made a round base with the word CIMP stamped onto the front.

Want to make one too? It can be any shape/size/pattern. Here's how to do it :
 Mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup water and 1/2 cup salt in a bowl. Mix till dough forms. Add more flour if it's too watery, and add more water if it's too tough.
Oh! And also prepare wires and pliers (if you have, you can go without if your wire is easy to bend by hand)

 For the CIMP keychains, we used a cookie cutter to cut a nice round base. Then, we made the smaller hole with a straw.
 Take out your pliers and start bending the wires into any shape or word that you want.
This is what we did for ours.
 Once you got it, start stamping away! Since it's wires, it may not be flat. What we did, was we cut out a piece of unwanted cardboard or thick paper and place it on top of the 'stamp' and press it down. Make sure you don't focus only on one point, but press it all down together. Try to apply the same pressure throughout. If you don't have a thick paper or cardboard, you can use rulers too, just try not to damage the other dough ornaments around the one you're stamping on.
 We stamped it, and added a line beneath by pressing the side of the cardboard just below the words.
Tadaa! Doesn't it look pretty cool? I thought so. Well, now, you can either place it in the oven, or leave it to harden by itself. I suggest you try to leave it for a few days to harden. Ling Wai and I tried to bake it but it didn't get very hard. It was baked for about 2 hours in total. We then decided to leave it out to cool. (I'm not sure if air con helps, but I suppose so as it may take up water from the dough). We baked at 120 degree Celsius for 2hrs. We tied ribbons on top and gave it out on Valentines.
Well, that is all for today's post! Thanks for dropping by!