Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Journey To Ipoh !

Lets start the blog with 2 lovey dovey pigeons. Okay, done! 

Off we went, to the land of yummies - Ipoh! (Last Sunday) I wanted to write to the land of 'Liews', but I suppose only my church friends would get it. Anyways, a couple of my church friends and I randomly planned a trip to Ipoh. Our plan was to visit Gua Tempurung and experience Level 4.

Our journey started by gathering at Wei Shen's house, then heading to satisfy our tummy. We had herbal duck soup with wan tan mee. On the way there, snacks were being passed around too!
 Could you see what's on my bag?

 I love this picture above. The little moth likes me!
Walking towards the cave. It rained on the night before, causing the water in the cave to rise. Level 3 & 4 was closed. Our guide however, gave us an exclusive preview of Level 4. We got into 5% of level 4 and played with the water. We crawled, slide and had a bunch of fun! Then we quickly went back up before anyone catches us. It was pretty fun. We continued playing with water at platform 1 after that.
 Here's a few pictures inside the cave :

There was a heart in the ceiling of the cave! Cool eh? Anyways, after Gua Tempurung, we went to have our lunch - Ipoh Chicken Rice. We bought a pillow shaped ba-zhang to try as well. Yes, this is the lunch, not the duck wan tan mee. We're going to be fat!
 Later on, we got to Dicvinn's grandmother's house and rested for a bit. We went over to the field to play frisbee and off we went for dinner again. This is what we had :
Cheese baked prawn

Fish ball

Glass noodle with crab
 The cheese baked prawn was super good, everyone was digging for leftover cheese! Well,
that's all for today's post! Hope the food has made you hungrier!

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