Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Bracelets Are Made

Hello my beloveds! I took a pretty long time thinking what I should post today. Then something popped into my mind. I fixed some little handmade charms on chains yesterday. 3 bracelets were born! [Two done yesterday, one today.] Okay. Stop with the talking, it's picture time!

This first piece up here was done today. It has an adorable turtle on it, and 4 tiny matching green beads. The beads were made of left-over clay long time ago. Didn't have plans for it, then an idea just struck to use them with this adorable turtle. It turned out great! I love how it looks.

This second one has snacks and a chocolate bunny added! A pink cupcake that stands out more is fixed in the middle. I love the charm on the right in the pic, it's melted chocolate on a biscuit with a lavender rose on it! Sounds delicious! If only it was real.

3 Cupcakes and Finnish Cinnamon Buns! Not too dark, not too bright. A simple beigy-brown bracelet.

That is all for the three bracelets I made. Here's a little something about today. I downloaded Monster Pet Shop early this morning and tried the game out in the afternoon. Can't say much about it yet, but let me introduce you to a little monster baby! Here goes! 
[ p/s : do not tap the glass ]

Ain't that little monster adorable? I like the green bear beside too! 
 Anyways, it's beddy-by time! So, good nights! Have a sweet sweet waffle dream, everybody!


  1. Hey girl. ;D Nice blog! Sijin here

  2. COOL! me like the bracelet a lot :) Will wanna buy something like that from you in the near future :D GOOD JOB! -Loveen

  3. Sijin : Thank you! I love my blog very very much! heh.

    Loveen : Yay! Glad you liked it! Will be selling it in Readz soon. Just unsure about the price yet. heh. Xie xie!