Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A New Earring Stand

A new earring stand! I don't wear accessories much, but this is for my little 'BoxOfHobbies' in church! I've been borrowing my beautiful young kind hearted beloved teacher's stand for quite some time and it's about time I get my own and return what belongs to her. [You know who you are. hehe.]
Anyways, this stand will be used for both earrings, keychains and necklaces + other stuff I can think of. Hooks would be put up just like the previous one I used. Show you again next time k? As soon as I set this thing up with the products, I'll take time to go rearrange the box.
This one here is a NEW iphone4 cover! I still have my old one though, and will only change to this if that one somehow spoils or got ruined. Why? I still love my current one [it has a 'slipper' on it! Uber cute!] and my current one cost RM99! It was a gift from my sister paid with my mum's money. Hah! So yeah. Will be using the same cover for a while first.
Tadaaaaa!! 20/25 ! For what? For ENGLISH! You may think English is extremely easy, but let me tell you - IT IS NOT. Well, at least, not in my school. Anyways, I'm super happy with the result and teacher wrote 'Well written. A pity it's so short'. I wished I could write longer too, but the word limit then was still a rule to hold back to. [We were told we need not write lesser than the word limit now.] 
My essay was to write a descriptive essay about a happy couple in a restaurant. Instead of the typical fancy don't-know-how-many-stars restaurant, I put the happy couple in a place filled with green metal tables and chairs --> the casual Indian restaurant we locals call the MAMAK. Curry stains on the floor, stray cats, orders being shouted here and there, etc are all written in my essay. And I'm so proud of it! Well, that's all for today! Time for bed.

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