Friday, 23 September 2011

Adding Hooks To My Stand

Hey people! Miss me? I didn't have time to update the previous 2 days. Anyways, I'm here now! Let me tell you what I've been up to! 
 This here is what I've been doing. It may seem easy, but it's not as easy as you think. I had to do a whole bunch of them and I'm still not done yet. Paper clips are pretty tough. They make my hands hurt. In my post earlier on, I've said that I bought a new earring stand right? But I want to hang necklaces and keychains and others too. Correct? Well, that's where the hooks come in. They help me hang stuff!

 There you go, I've already hung some rainbow ghosts and a few other stuff. Price tag's not on yet though.
To all the domo fans "Say Hi To Domo!"

The Artworks

For the past few weeks, Art & Design night classes has been working with some mosaic painting. The painting are to be put on sale during Theater Showcase on 1st of Oct. They were all sent to be framed and on Thursday, Teacher William displayed it downstairs in the office. Here's the result of my work!
The blue & grey mosaic piece was my very first one. Could you see what it is?
Hint : It's an animal.
This here's my second piece. We're asked to paint in a way where the lines would seem smooth and obvious.
Someone said the purple should be replaced with blue - Pepsi! Then another person said to replace the purple with green - 100Plus! Creative minds.

One more thing, I'm very very excited and happy about this. I am told that my first painting - the blue & grey mosaic, has already been sold. How much? *laughs like madman* RM150!!! I was shocked when I heard that! I would never imagine any of my paintings being sold for that much! Really. I know paintings cost a lot, but mine? WOW. I've just got to say "Thank You Teacher William!! You're an amazing teacher and your works are brilliant!" , another thing I've got to say is "Thank You Teacher Kim! I'm really glad you liked it that much!"

One last thing for this post.
This is the result of something I've received a couple of months ago. The original thing was all black [covered in carbon] with dull grey markings of the raccoon you see above. A tool was provided to carve out the carbon layer for the silver base to be seen. And tadaaa! This is the beautiful end result! I've had a lot of fun doing this! Took some time [Especially the leaves] but it's all worth it! Beautiful! "Thank You Teacher Kin San for the wonderful thoughtful gift!"

As a 17 year old girl, I think I'm very very blessed. My life is amazing and I'm in love with every tiny bit of it! Although things may not go right all the time, it's great to learn to smile the whole journey! A good or bad day is not determined by what happened to you, but how you react to it! Well, enjoy the rest of your day! ♥

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