Friday, 6 April 2012

Tutorial : Toilet Roll Dolly Packaging

Good morning! Check out this new colour of rose ring!
 I kinda like this one. I have a couple more new colours, but the pictures are not taken yet. So, stay tuned for them. Anyways, today I'll be showing you guys a short tutorial on making a Toilet Roll Dolly Packaging. Basically, it's dollying up your toilet roll, making it look much prettier and using it to give tiny gifts! Sounds interesting? Have a look at the next picture!
 The most basic thing you will need is :
1. Toilet Paper Roll
2. A dolly (The white piece)
3. A blade
4. Glue
5. Some decorations
 Start off by cutting your dolly into half (Or any other shape you like)
 Place the dolly on top, adjust to your likings and glue it down.
 This is how I did my first one. To seal the toilet roll, just place a thumb on one side of the opening and press down. Do the same for the other side and get something as shown in the picture above.
Tadaa! The final product should look something like this. Put a smile on your face and start decorating it with any trinkets, paper, or ribbons you'd like. Go crazy on the design or keep it simple, both would look amazing still. I added a self-cut paper tag with the word 'Smile' on it. You can write your friend's name if you're planning to put something inside to give as a gift too! Well, that's all for the tutorial! Here's 2 more designs I did though, I think they're much nicer too. I guess practice DO make perfect-er!
 I trimmed the dolly into a round collar shape and added ribbons!.

 Look at the sides, it should be from picture 1 --> picture 2.
Have a look at my very very last one! I think it's the prettiest among all!
 I didn't trim the dolly, instead, I just glued everything down and then tied a ribbon as I would a typical square gift box.
 Then I added a little trinket I found lying at home with no where to belong to.
Simply lovely. Isn't it?
Come on, take some time, collect some empty toilet rolls and start dollying them up! I was thinking to make more and sell them for about RM2 or RM2.50 at BoxOfHobbies , what do you think? Is RM2.50 too expensive?

This is all for today's post. I'm really glad you dropped by to read. Thank you all! Bye! Have a great day!

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