Saturday, 28 April 2012

Watercolour Painting

 Hey people! Where did those pictures come from? I was fooling around with the webcam this morning. It's actually the first few pictures I took with my webcam though I've had it for 2 months already! Anyways, I don't have much to blog about today, but here's something I've been doing.
Comm Tech classes in college has been pretty likeable for me these days. We're using Adobe Fireworks to create webpages. One of our assignments is to make a website to promote ourselves as graphic designers and so on, showcasing our previous works. And so, I've came up with a few sketches (shown above). I've decided to use watercolour (colourful waters) paintings to put up for the background. I want something more original and unique in my page. Besides, I plan to use this for BoxOfHobbies in the future if I can and what's better than having something done by yourself?
 Progress of the bare tree to one with a treehouse in it. Forgive me, I don't do a lot of water colour paintings and so the paintings are not very pretty. Still, I'm satisfied with the results.
Another 2 paintings I did. The tree was for the "Home" page, the moonlit river for the "About Me" page and the rainbow is for the "Work" page where I showcase my previous works. I've already done these 3 pages in Adobe Fireworks adding the buttons and rollovers and such, but I didn't have any picture taken for it yet. So stay tune to see the final result! This morning I just did 2 more paintings for comm tech - hot air balloon for "Contact Me" and a field with a windmill for "Experiences". Well, that is all I have to show you guys today! Thanks for reading!

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