Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crafty Fashion

 Hey people! Look at what I have! Scissors and sharpie pens! Let's have some shrink plastic fun!
Here's a couple of handbags! I plan to make them into charms for chain bracelets.
 I like the polka dotted one.
 I drew a couple of dresses too! This one above is my favourite among all. After drawing and colouring, we placed it in the oven and watched as the plastic twirl and dance around in the oven.
 The baked pieces were then laid down on the newspaper and sprayed trice with the transparent spray paint.
 The lovely charms!
These three were done previously. My favourite among the three is the turquoise dress.
The dresses and bigger pieces are going to be sold at BoxOfHobbies for RM5 each. RM9 if it's taken as a necklace. The little charms would be RM3 and the mini charms would be RM0.70 ! The mini charms are already made into a bracelet and sold to a friend of mine. I'm so glad that she fell in love with it once she saw it! 

Well, that is all for the crafty fashion stuff. Here's a couple more pictures of some other crafty stuff!
  A pink unicorn and a brown horse. Sadly, the brown horses' face is a little too dark.
 2 round bubbly charms that were made a couple of days ago. Possibly be sold for RM9 at BoxOfHobbies too!
Tons of random stuff I have to be sorted out.

A pair of clay shoes up for sales soon!
Alrighty! That is all! It's time for beddy-by! At least, for me it is. Okay. Bye!

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