Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Mummification

Hey people! Meet my maid, her name is Pin,
 Today, she decided to carry out an experiment on my face. Yes, experiment. I ain't a person who wears mask or whatsoever, but my maid decided to use my face to try out her natural egg white mask.
 She whipped egg white till it's fluffy and decided to apply it on my face.

 Then she daps tissue paper on it, leaving it there waiting for it to dry.
 She adds more and more tissue each time she turns back to me.
 As the day goes by, I found my face mummified.
My mask-apply-er (maid) and I. I was instructed to wait for the egg to dry, then wash my face. I did exactly so, and continued my day as usual. Surprisingly, one of my friends did comment that my skin looked like it was glowing today. Is it because of the egg white mask? I have no idea. If you wish to try it out, go ahead. All you'll need is egg white, tissue papers and the hands to mummify yourself!

Here's a couple of drawings I did yesterday & today. I wish I drew them in my proper sketch book. Owh well, what's done is done.
 Metamorphosis of butterflies into a pheonix. The butterflies didn't look like butterflies as this is just a random sketch of my idea.
 A mixture of a swan, a pheonix and a peacock? I have no idea.
 Leopard-skinned dragon! I love it!
 Before and after shading (Note that this is different from picture 1)
A random drawing I did today : Dragon at a tea party!
That is all for today's post! I have something interesting to post next! Stay tuned!

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