Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Salmon Sashimi Costume

Hello beautiful people.
Today I'll be showing you how to make a superbly adorable costume!

Watch the video at Appetit!

What you need :
Orange Fabric
White Pillow
White Overalls or Long Sleeve Top
Black Fabric
Fabric Glue

 Get your fabric and your pillow. In this case I used an orange t-shirt for the fabric.
Gently place and adjust your orange fabric on top of the pillow wherby it covers the whole top surface. If it is slightly smaller than the pillow, it's fine as you will be having gaps in between the orange fabric later.

Get your markers (of similar colour if available).
Visualize how many parts you would like to separate your salmon sashimi into. I did it in 5 parts. (only 4 can be seen in the picture above)
Find the middle of each 'part' and leave a dot. Then dot both the sides of that section too (which will be connected with the section below and not of the same level, forming a partially triangular shape).
Next, you will need your black fabric. I used felt from Daiso.
Cut out a piece of black 'seaweed' with the estimated ratio of 1:3 of the pillow.
Make sure that it is longer for you will have to fit into it as well! Attach velcro at the end of the seaweed. If you'd prefer the costume to be free sized, attach longer velcro pieces so the size is adjustable.
When that is done, it's time to cut the salmon sashimi with the points you've marked and glue them down! Fabric glue would work great here!
When you're done with all your pieces, grab your white overalls or long sleeved tops and wrap yourself in 'seaweed' together with the salmon sashimi!
And there you have it! The salmon sashimi sushi costume!
It's THAT easy!

Let me know if you decided to try it out!

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