Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fierce Avian

Avian means bird.
I've used the word in a few works of mine.
Here's one of my drawings from last month
I drew this first and asked people to guess what it was.
Someone said duck.. and yea.. I do think it looks a little like a duck.

But it's not. It's the gorgeous eagle! One of my favourite birds to draw. My other favourite is the pheonix! You can check out some of my other works here!

I got the middle part done first. This includes the beak and the eyes.
Then, I lightly drew how I want the feathers to look. The direction they face and the thickness around the neck area.
Then I darken the beak and the face features.
Then the area below the beak. I think it looks really nice like this.
I sort of did a little mistake by blending it too much. I quite like it's fierce look when the pencil markings aren't blended together too much.

The blending made the eagle look too friendly.
That's all. Thanks for dropping by!
Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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