Thursday, 14 November 2013

Walk In The Closet's Rebirth!

 Hi everyone! So, here's what I've been up to lately.
I've remodeled Walk In The Closet (A fashion site for affordable accessories! Clothing only to come in the future) and really love its new look! I think it looks more proper and friendly. It also has a very simple background but still seems interesting and neat.

Note : I would be really really REALLY really over the moon if you can do a little something for me..
1) Visit the site!
2) Register as a member!
3) Tell your friends about us! *extra brownie points for you!*

How to register? EASY!

 Go to "My Accounts" which you can see on the black bar, then Login, and you will find a Login and Register button on the right.

My Accounts -> Login -> Register
Only very basic information are required for registering.

When you are done, you can start browsing! Scroll over to Accessories to see all the categories available!
 Do take note that not all of the items are shown on the first page, you can click to view the next page on the bottom of the site. Click into the item you are interested to have a look at and you'll come to something like this :
 Meanwhile, we are also having some promotions on!
So, hurry up and check out those awesome stuff!
So yeah! That is it!
Postage are currently fixed on Poslaju as there were several problems we faced with registered post. No worries though, if you happen to order above Rm50 and am living in Malaysia, you get a free postage!

We already have a number of items up in our site, and will be posting more up soon in about a week's time! Reason being that they are all on a photo shoot holiday at the moment.

So yeah! That is all for this post! Thank you for dropping by.
Your support is greatly appreciated! You can also help us by liking our Facebook page, Instagram, and sharing us on your Facebook!

Other products that are available in Walk In The Closet.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go check out our site now!
We will be sending out a newsletter with a special voucher real soon! So, sign up and you'll most likely get extra freebies and vouchers!

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