Sunday, 11 March 2012

Face Painting With Glitter!

Hey! What's that in the picture?
 A ginormous moth! The body's pretty fat and disgusting! Anyways, on Saturday and Sunday, church had a booth at the church lobby to do face painting! It was pretty fun. I was in charged on Saturday and had a blast drawing for everyone. Here's a couple of photos :
 Hazel and her butterfly.

 Hong Joo and his panda.
 Yen Nee and her horse.
 An adorable unicorn!
 I drew this for myself!
 Sad owl.
Happy pig! They're the same, but look different due to the angles.

Well, that is all for today's post! I'll have a more interesting post for you tomorrow! Just delivered a gift from BoxOfHobbies today and the gift could finally be shown online. I'm so excited! I hope you'll love it too. Stay tuned! Bye!

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