Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Smiling Watch !

My-Oh-My! Look at the time!
 A really great friend of mine drew this for me saying that it's time to smile! And guess what? It did make me smile!

"What time is it?" "It's time to SMILE!"
Anyways, I don't really have much to post about. I have been really busy (extremely busy) and haven't had time to craft just yet. Oh well, let me show you a little something I got.
 I bought these two things at "Arts For Grabs" which I talked about at my previous post. The first picture is a masquerade mask charm (I just HAD to get it!), the second picture shows a couple of hand drawn stickers! I intend to use them for scrapbooking in the future. They're just too adorable to be ignored and left at the stall. Oh! And it's only RM1 each! (except the bigger owl piece)
 Something I did in business class. Doodling on the sticky notes!

Early this year, I bought a total of RM280 voucher from a senior in college. I didn't manage to use all the voucher till now. I used the RM80 voucher to buy 2 books that cost RM60 in total, and fill the rest with snacks. RM20 can actually buy quite a number of snacks!
 3 packets of Tim Tam, 2 Kinder Bueno, 1 packet of Famous Amos, and 2 sticks of sugus! All these are still alive right now. They haven't had the trip to the stomach just yet. Perhaps some of them should travel there now. *evil grins* Well, alright! That's all for today's post! Happy smiling! Goodbye!

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