Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Green Snake Dragon

In my previous post, I mentioned about something else I've already made right? Well, here it is! I'm not as satisfied with this one though. I think the wings are gorgeous, but the face needs something else.
 The bright green patch is the support for the wings. I used the same pearl bead in my Lindworm.
 Starting to fix the wings. The metal piece there is so that this could be made into a pendant.
Close up on the lovely wings.
 The face needs something more.
This is the end product! I find it pretty lovely, but there is still something that needs to be added to it's face. Don't you think so? Any suggestions on what I could add in the upcoming ones? Leave a comment or email me if you do. Your suggestions may be seen in the upcoming posts!

That's all for this post! Thanks for dropping by! Have a lovely day!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lindworm, A Wingless Dragon

Hey everyone! Just to let you know, my exams are starting tomorrow. Alright alright, it's only on Monday and Thursday actually, but I really should be studying shouldn't I? I came across a dragon sculpture online and I just couldn't keep my itchy hands off the box of clay. And so, you have this post...
I started out making the body.
 I continued on trying something new. I made flat pieces stacked on each other and roll em up. Then, I cut slices of it and place it on top of my blue glitter clay.
 I added it to the legs and it turned out like that. It looked funny at first and I kind of regretted it, but that was before the horns and the green pearl bead was added. I kinda like how it looks now. The green stands out and looks lovely.
 The eyes are added! Look how beady and adorable it is! So much for dragons being cool eh?
 I think one of my favourite part is the tail. I love how it curls up holding the pearl bead.
 Well, I actually did not add wings to this so called 'Dragon'. And so, it is a Lindworm. 
Sometimes used simply to mean dragon; specifically, it refers to particular two-legged, wingless Asian dragon.
 ♥ The tail! The glorious tail! ♥
Ain't this creature just adorable? I like the green curl patch below the eyes too! Satisfied with the result. It's just a display item now. Should I make it into a note holder or something more practical? This will be up on sale at BoxOfHobbies soon!

That's it for the post today! I actually made something else, but I'm not as satisfied with that and this post is already pretty long. I'll post the other thing tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks for dropping by! Love you guys!
If Lindworms were to exist, at least I'll still have Captain America to save me!
*Captain America visited Sunway College, Malaysia, 2012*

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Turning Coins Shiny Again

 Today, I'm going to show you a magic trick! Well, not really, but it still seems 'Woah-ish' enough.
 Here are some dirty icky coins!
...and here's the Magic liquid!
 Mix the coins and the magic liquid! Look at what happens later!
 Could you see how different the coins outside and inside the jar look? The ones inside are shinier in a way. Perhaps it's because of the jar huh? Well, let's continue scrolling down! I did this a couple of times and the pictures shown are not really in order. Check this out. For these 2 pictures below, I placed the coins in first, then poured the magic liquid without shaking the jar.
The 'TUB & TILE' thing really works extremely well! Who knows, I may shine all the coins I have. haha! It was fun looking at the coins get shinier. Well, this post was rather random. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed watching the 'magic' too! haha. Watching it live would probably be more interesting though.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tutorial : A Simple Paper Rose

 Hey everyone! How do you like roses? Well, now you can make your own paper roses! I find it pretty simple so I thought of sharing this with you guys! Enjoy!

Here's what you need :
1) Round piece of paper (I used art block paper)
2) Scissors (preferably patterned)
3) Satay stick
4) Tape/Blue tack
 Firstly, you'd have to draw swirls in your circle till it reaches the middle. I was lazy so I just got on to cutting without really drawing. You can do this if your estimation is not bad. If you don't have a patterned scissors, use a normal one and cut waves instead. They need not be all the same.
 Take your satay stick, and pull it both ways vertically so that a slit forms in the middle. With the slit, place the end of the paper in like the picture above.
 Start twirling!
 This is how it looks like at the end of twirling! See the satay stick holding on to the paper with its slit? Try to loosen your rose a little and take the satay stick out. Be careful not to tear the paper!
 After you loosen the paper a little, it should look something like this. 
Isn't it pretty? You can tape it at the end, use super glue or use blue tack to keep it in place. If you like, you could even keep the satay stick there! Just loosen your grip on the rose before you tape firmly on the satay stick. Well, that is all for today's little post! Hope you enjoyed reading!
 Roxy : Dance with me before thou parts from this very land, shall we?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Assignment : The Supermom Life

Oh dear, oh dear! I haven't been updating this blog have I now? Bad Jolene! Anyways, that's the very reason I'm back. To give you some updates! Today's post will be filled with my assignments. 

For my final project in my comm tech class, I am to make a movie trailer, a movie poster, a logo and a website. The whole assignment is 30% of our marks - that's pretty big. We could do a movie trailer on anything, and so, I being me, chose to make a SUPERMOM theme for my assignment!
 Here's the making of my SUPERMOM logo and the end result!

♥ I simply LOVE it.
Up next, is the SUPERMOM movie poster. Here goes :
I took vintage papers from google and blended them all together one on the other. I smudged the sides and masked some of them. For the lace border, I used layer mask to dot out each white spot so the vintage paper shows. The lace itself took about 30minutes. I love the end result of the poster as much as I love the end result of the SUPERMOM logo! ♥

This is one of my most loved one. I love how everything turned out in my final assignment, but still, this website is uber cool! How I wish it was a real website of mine.
 This is the homepage. (above) The picture belows shows what it's like when you click 'Places'.
 as you scroll over to 'Craft Room' or 'Kitchen', the doodled boy throws the paper place and the doodled girl changes her expression. When your mouse rolls off 'Craft Room' or 'Kitchen', the doodles change back to normal. Isn't that uber adorable? I thought it was.This part of mine got a little stuck last minute. Thank goodness I had Ling Wai to help me fix it!

Here's where it brings you as you click 'Craft Room'
 Scroll over to the white rectangle and this is shown.
 Scroll to the picture of the craft room and it changes to several works that I've done before.

Here's where it brings you as you click 'Kitchen'
Same as the above, this is shown as you scroll over to the rectangle.
 And this is shown as you scroll to the picture of the kitchen. 

 Another doodle that dances as the mouse rolls over it. You can make the doodles dance and jump several times by moving your mouse. I love how it turned out!

And last but not least, the 'Story'. That's all for my website. I've shown you my logo, poster and website. There's one last video to show you : 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tutorial : Swirl Card

Hello! Today, we're going to learn how to make another special card! It has a little pop up swirl in the middle. Silly me forgot to take a full picture of the card in the end. It looks like this :
Swirls when you open the card! Let's get started!
What you need :
1) Blade
2) Long Ruler
3) Card
4) Patterned paper [you can print yourself from pictures in google]
5) Scissors
6) Something round
7) Double sided tape or glue
 First of all, cut out your card piece. Then, take a patterned paper that matches to 'decorate' the card in any way you like.
 All I did was place a strip of it across. I added a dolly in the centre.
 If you have patterned scissors, you could do this.
 Tape/Glue the patterned semi-circle, then the rectangular piece, and lastly, the dolly. You can use other decorations too. Like a fake piece of flower, a picture, or ribbons.
 I didn't want the inside of the card to be plain white. So I cut out 2 piece of patterned paper and taped it inside.
 The base of your card is done. Now, grab something circle to drawn around it. Next, you have to draw a swirl inside. One that goes round and round till it reaches the middle. Cut along that line with a normal scissors.
 This would be the result of it once u tape both ends.
If you decided you want a card that is portrait instead of landscape, the result would look like this. Swirls from one side to the other.
If you want to keep it in landscape, it'll looks like this. I added some cut out paper roses to the swirl. Ain't it adorable?

Oh! Before you leave! Check out these 2 awesome gifbooms!!! hehe!
at Carl's Jr.
and my favourite one so far :
*poof!* Ling Wai and I ! ♥
Okay! That's all! Bye!!