Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Assignment : The Supermom Life

Oh dear, oh dear! I haven't been updating this blog have I now? Bad Jolene! Anyways, that's the very reason I'm back. To give you some updates! Today's post will be filled with my assignments. 

For my final project in my comm tech class, I am to make a movie trailer, a movie poster, a logo and a website. The whole assignment is 30% of our marks - that's pretty big. We could do a movie trailer on anything, and so, I being me, chose to make a SUPERMOM theme for my assignment!
 Here's the making of my SUPERMOM logo and the end result!

♥ I simply LOVE it.
Up next, is the SUPERMOM movie poster. Here goes :
I took vintage papers from google and blended them all together one on the other. I smudged the sides and masked some of them. For the lace border, I used layer mask to dot out each white spot so the vintage paper shows. The lace itself took about 30minutes. I love the end result of the poster as much as I love the end result of the SUPERMOM logo! ♥

This is one of my most loved one. I love how everything turned out in my final assignment, but still, this website is uber cool! How I wish it was a real website of mine.
 This is the homepage. (above) The picture belows shows what it's like when you click 'Places'.
 as you scroll over to 'Craft Room' or 'Kitchen', the doodled boy throws the paper place and the doodled girl changes her expression. When your mouse rolls off 'Craft Room' or 'Kitchen', the doodles change back to normal. Isn't that uber adorable? I thought it was.This part of mine got a little stuck last minute. Thank goodness I had Ling Wai to help me fix it!

Here's where it brings you as you click 'Craft Room'
 Scroll over to the white rectangle and this is shown.
 Scroll to the picture of the craft room and it changes to several works that I've done before.

Here's where it brings you as you click 'Kitchen'
Same as the above, this is shown as you scroll over to the rectangle.
 And this is shown as you scroll to the picture of the kitchen. 

 Another doodle that dances as the mouse rolls over it. You can make the doodles dance and jump several times by moving your mouse. I love how it turned out!

And last but not least, the 'Story'. That's all for my website. I've shown you my logo, poster and website. There's one last video to show you : 

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