Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tutorial : The 'BOOM' Card !

Tadaa!! I call this the 'BOOM' card! It somehow seems like the pink paper explodes from the red card when opened! Don't you think that's more fun than an ordinary card? Perhaps you could draw some flowers or so. Or make the card the mouth of a monster. (It somewhat seems like one in no.2 and no.3) Anyways, let's hurry along to the tutorial!
Step one : Fold a square piece of paper into a triangle.
Then, open and hold the other side to make a X shape.
Open it and fold the paper into half. You'll get something like the picture below.
This is where the tricky part comes in. Even the picture isn't very clear. Fold the paper in a way where the edge of the paper on the right meets the middle line. When that is done, you will see a previously-folded line making a triangle. Hold the part nearer to the corner of the paper, and push the other part of the paper towards it. (I know it's hard to understand, but it's pretty hard to explain too.)
Hopefully, you'll end up with something like the above. Trial and error if you didn't. If you did, give yourself a huge loud clap! You've done it! Now, repeat for all corners.
When you get to this stage, you're almost done!
 Fold in the corners and the middle where the middle line was. It should look like the picture above. I find that it looks like some shark or monster's jaws!
 Press it flat down and make a rectangular card folded in half to fit the pink piece.
Tadaa!! You're done with the base of the card! Now, to decorate it!
You can use anything to decorate your card. I used something circle to give me a shape to work from. Then I used patterned scissors to cut around it.
Ribbons should be useful in decorating. It's hard to get them to stick though, the trick here is to use double sided tape! It works like a charm! In fact, my whole card wasn't made with any glue. It's all by double sided tape! The person who invented them was a genius!
And wa-llah! The 'BOOM' card is done! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 
If you were actually trying to make it, I hope you didn't give up at the part where the corners were involved. Well, have a blessed day people! That is all for my post tonight!

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