Friday, 4 May 2012

Self Designed Craft Table !

Good morning people! This is my woke up for a while already but haven't got ready for daily activities look! I think I don't look that bad today, I usually look worst than this. Anyways, recently, I've been day dreaming about having a craft room again! And because of that, I've decided to design my own craft table that would be able to keep all the crafty stuff I have organized. Have a look!
Isn't it awesome? I made it that there would be more drawers even after you open the small hinged door. One reason so that it would not look that messy with so many knobs, and another reason is that I could nail the inside of the hinged door so that I could put up a self-sewn pencil/brush organizer! And if I don't like it, I could just hang other stuff! Also, I drew 4 drawers below the work space, this would be for my stamps, ink pads, buttons and made charms. This would make it easier for me to have a full view of everything I have rather than having to move stuff to see what's below and pick from. ♥

 My room is pretty small, so I was thinking to make my bed some sort of drawer bed. My dad don't know if it would be possible to do that though, the platform might not be able to withstand the weight. Anyone knows what I could do to solve this problem?

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