Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lindworm, A Wingless Dragon

Hey everyone! Just to let you know, my exams are starting tomorrow. Alright alright, it's only on Monday and Thursday actually, but I really should be studying shouldn't I? I came across a dragon sculpture online and I just couldn't keep my itchy hands off the box of clay. And so, you have this post...
I started out making the body.
 I continued on trying something new. I made flat pieces stacked on each other and roll em up. Then, I cut slices of it and place it on top of my blue glitter clay.
 I added it to the legs and it turned out like that. It looked funny at first and I kind of regretted it, but that was before the horns and the green pearl bead was added. I kinda like how it looks now. The green stands out and looks lovely.
 The eyes are added! Look how beady and adorable it is! So much for dragons being cool eh?
 I think one of my favourite part is the tail. I love how it curls up holding the pearl bead.
 Well, I actually did not add wings to this so called 'Dragon'. And so, it is a Lindworm. 
Sometimes used simply to mean dragon; specifically, it refers to particular two-legged, wingless Asian dragon.
 ♥ The tail! The glorious tail! ♥
Ain't this creature just adorable? I like the green curl patch below the eyes too! Satisfied with the result. It's just a display item now. Should I make it into a note holder or something more practical? This will be up on sale at BoxOfHobbies soon!

That's it for the post today! I actually made something else, but I'm not as satisfied with that and this post is already pretty long. I'll post the other thing tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks for dropping by! Love you guys!
If Lindworms were to exist, at least I'll still have Captain America to save me!
*Captain America visited Sunway College, Malaysia, 2012*

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