Monday, 4 August 2014

Polymer Clay vs Air Dry Clay

Hi everyone, a number of people has been asking me about the differences between polymer clay and air dry clay. There are many sites that already shows comparisons, but here's another one :

Polymer Clay
Air Dry Clay 

Oven baked
Self-hardening with air
Dries hard and solid
Dries hard (not as hard as polymer clay)
Does not shrink
May shrink a little
Dries slowly
Dries faster
Can work with slowly (till baked)
Need to work faster with
Made with polymer polyvinyl chloride  (PVC)
Can be made at home (google recipes)
Used to make anything but mostly smaller things
Used to make anything, works well for bigger pieces compared to polymer clay
Tend to be more costly
Tend to be cheaper
Need not be kept air tight
Must be kept air tight
Baking time matters depending on thickness (check package for instructions)
Just leave it to dry. Appx 1 or 2 days to harden completely
May get burnt with brown/black marks (oven)
Will not be burnt (Dries with air)
Water resistant
Melts in water and heat
Doesn’t need a seal coat to be water resistant
Need a seal coat to be water resistant
Need to condition the clay before usage
Soft and easy to be used right away.
Has a few precautions
Non-toxic and child safe
Comes in a variety of colours
Comes in a variety of colours
Colours can be mixed for more colours
Colours can be mixed for more colours
Can be painted with acrylics
Can be painted with acrylics
Popular brands : Sculpey, Fimo
Popular brands : Das, Hearty, Makins

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tutorial : DIY Photobooth Props (with video)

Hi everyone!! Guess what? I'm going to UK! For a WHOLE MONTH!
Better yet, it's PURELY HOLIDAY! 

Anyways, before I go, I'd like to share something crafty with you!
Couple of weeks back (or maybe a month), I was asked to make some photobooth props for a birthday party!

I rarely do paper-related crafts, but I thought why not? Let's whip up a tutorial with that! And so I did. Here's a few of the things I've made, and then you can watch the video to learn how to make your very own!

You can do any designs you want for your photobooth props. It's fairly simple to make. 
What is needed :
1) A printer / printed designs of your liking
2) Wooden sticks/Satay sticks
3) Scissors
4) Hot Glue / Super Glue
5) Glue

And that's it! Watch my tutorial here!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Watercolour Pencils : Purplish Pink Girl

 Hello everyone! If you've been following my instagram, you've already seen this piece. In fact, you've probably seen most my pieces before they appear in my blog. Whoops!

Anyways, this is my first proper piece of work using watercolour colour pencils. I came across a similar picture on instagram once, and just thought to try it out. I can't remember which user it was from though. However, she did a much much better work than I (I believe she used watercolour itself rather than watercolour pencils.)
 I did the drawing with pencil first, and lighting it by dabbing the eraser. I tried painting the putple and blue and it looked kinda alien-like-creepy with the bright pink around the eyes.
It get's better though. Promise! Here's half her face.
 I started filling in the flowers and gave more colours to the face. Each time hoping it'll turn out prettier.
 I darkened the sides of the petals and blended them in with water.
 I made the upper lips purple and the bottom lips blue. Think they look alright.
  I quite like this half-faced photo.
The end result :

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Using Watercolour Colour Pencils

Hello! I've started using watercolour colour pencils and this is my second work. I was quite pleased with my first, but am really really happy with my second.
 I tried them first on a few strands of hair. They looked pretty good, so I continued.
I used yellow, orange, light brown and dark brown for each strand but with a different amount of each colour in them which gives them the different dark and light tones. After colouring each strand, I used a brush to lightly paint the water over and blend the colours.
 Felt like I took forever to finish the hair. I did them strand by strand. No cheating!
  Then I used the same method for the roses. Once again, petal by petal. I used white, light pink and a purplish pink.
 Loving the colours! Even the unfinished piece looks good.
 I was quite scared to colour in her lips. I used red, pink, white.
And I finished up with the skin and the eyes and eyebrows.
Beige and brown was used for the skin, it gives off a light yellow when water is added. I darkened the eyes with dark brown, it turned reddish when I added water, so I just redrew it when it dries and left it as it is. I did a light brown for the eyebrows. 

That's all!

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Monday, 14 July 2014

The Three Jellyfish

 Hey everyone! I've been browsing a lot of artsy instagram accounts lately, and saw some really nice drawings and watercolour works and tons of other super awesome stuff! 

So, I decided to buy these watercolour colour pencils. Those kind where you can draw and then add water. I wanted to buy the watercolour watercolour, but decided why not two in one?

Here's what I did.
 Did a light base, starting with the jellyfish's bell, then the tentacles. And added more colours after.
 The second jellyfish is a mix of blue and purple.
 and the third jellyfish is green, blue and purple! I love how the colours turned out. I added some darker strips of tentacles and loved the results. Which one's your favourite? 

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Drawing : Flower Crown Girl

 I've recently decided that I wanna try drawing more. And thus, here's another drawing of a girl in a flower crown. I love the roses in her hair.
 I started out with this. Her shoulders and arms were not as easy as it seems.
 Finished her hair.
 More gentle details.
 And done! Darken everything and added shades into her hair. I dare not colour her in or anything like that for now. We'll see if I eventually do.

 Random summary photo. Sorta. haha!

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Drawing Inspired By Elsa

 Hi everyone! I don't always do a lot of drawings, especially not these kind. If I do draw, I usually draw portraits. But I've been pretty inspired by instagram users lately with different styles of drawing and painting. And so I decided to try this.
 I used a pencil to draw Elsa (inspired by Elsa but not exactly Elsa?) first before colouring her in.

 A bit more of her hair is done.
 I rarely draw human, and the eyebrows were kinda tricky to get it right. So were the eyes and mouth. Not the best, but at least it looks pretty alright?

 I am always afraid of colouring things in. I'm afraid it would spoil the whole drawing or character. I tried anyways, her face being first. I coloured really lightly though. Still afraid of the outcome.
 After darkening her eyes, I think she looks much better. Then I continued with her hair. I'm always impressed by how people colour them in whereby it really looks like there were lights shone on it.
 I coloured pieces in and tried the 'light effect'. I mixed blue and green for her hair. The colour's a bit different though I'm not sure why or how to correct it. It's more bluish than the greenish hair above. Though I like both the colours in the photo above and below.
 She pretty much looks something like this.
 Then I outlined the snowflake-like petals on her hair.
 I didn't think of darkening her lips at first, but decided to try after.
I like how the top of her outfit shows an 'icicle-like' design.

And with that I'm done.

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