Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Using Watercolour Colour Pencils

Hello! I've started using watercolour colour pencils and this is my second work. I was quite pleased with my first, but am really really happy with my second.
 I tried them first on a few strands of hair. They looked pretty good, so I continued.
I used yellow, orange, light brown and dark brown for each strand but with a different amount of each colour in them which gives them the different dark and light tones. After colouring each strand, I used a brush to lightly paint the water over and blend the colours.
 Felt like I took forever to finish the hair. I did them strand by strand. No cheating!
  Then I used the same method for the roses. Once again, petal by petal. I used white, light pink and a purplish pink.
 Loving the colours! Even the unfinished piece looks good.
 I was quite scared to colour in her lips. I used red, pink, white.
And I finished up with the skin and the eyes and eyebrows.
Beige and brown was used for the skin, it gives off a light yellow when water is added. I darkened the eyes with dark brown, it turned reddish when I added water, so I just redrew it when it dries and left it as it is. I did a light brown for the eyebrows. 

That's all!

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