Saturday, 28 December 2013

Children's Holiday Program 2013

Hello everyone! It's the children's holiday!
There was an event called 'Project Independence' by Sunnyside Daycare.
I was asked to help out for this event and I really enjoyed myself! I believe the kids really enjoyed themselves too! They got to play & learn so much!

One of our game session :

We learned to make simple food art with a sea themed!
The children loved it! They were so proud of their artwork.

 Focusing on where to put his fish.

Their hard work :
 This photo's upside down. Couldn't get it to rotate.

Other than the food art, I got to teach them to sew as well!
Surprisingly, the boys loved it so much! Now who says boys can't sew?
Check out Wesley with his handmade pencil case (unfinished) and Chen Han in the making of his!


 We also had a pizza making session! The children got to cut their own ingredients (with supervision) and design their own pizza!

We gave them all a t-shirt with some templates and they got to design it themselves. They were also allowed do it without a template if they want.

 Wearing their awesomely decorated shirt with their handmade pencil cases!

 They are all really creative. Give them a box of hama beads and they'll be making all sorts of stuff! Here are a few keychains in the making.
They really enjoyed themselves and it's great to see how they love what they have learn. They also took the initiative to ask when they are unsure. Proud of them!

Well, that's all for this post.
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Face/Body Painting

Hello! I recently participated in an event doing face/body painting..
so just thought of sharing a few things I've painted then..



and my favourite of the day :
 I drew the outline of the bird, coloured it in, then added the fluffy blue green colour on the outside as the sky.

 Clouds were added too! Happy little boy.

I also did a few Spiderman face paint, MU devil and Liverpool logo.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a photo of them. Oh well. Shall do those again in the near future.

That's all for this post!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tutorial : Fixing Your Dead Tool's Plug

Oh, you know.. just an average day showing off my wings.

Anyways, HELLO!
Being a crafter, we got to face the facts that some things just don't go our way. The other day, I was fixing this huge project when... my oh-so-dear hot glue gun, decided it should lose a leg.

As you can see below, the 2 pin plug has a missing leg.
Since we're crafters, we might as well be 'doctors' too! I think it's really important for us to know how to fix certain things (the more the better!)
 So here's a tinsy winsy tip on changing your plug heads.

What you will need :
1) Extra plug head
2) Screwdriver
3) Wire stripper
4) Newspaper

First thing you got to do is to remove the original head. Then, open up your extra plug head with your screwdriver. It's fairly simple. Unscrew those bolts (golden in mine above) where they're holding down 3 different wires and take those wires out.
Next, you'll want to take the wire that is connected to your tool (my hot glue gun in this case) and use a wire stripper to remove the outer rubber coat. When that is done, it should look like something in the picture above where your mini wire strips are revealed. It may be two or three wires. Just let it be. Twist the ends of it if it's really messy. Don't worry, you won't be zapped.
 Then you'll have to connect it properly.

There's 3 wires to take note of :
1) Earth wire (Green/Yellow)
2) Live wire (Brown/Red)
3) Neutral (Blue)

The little white tube in the picture above is the fuse. The live wire goes to the knob right there. The neutral wire goes to the one at the bottom (reference : my photo above) and the last one which is the earth wire goes to the very top.

My tool only had 2 wires which is the Neutral wire and the Live wire.
Guess what?

That's basically it! You've just fixed it! All you need to do now is screw the cover back on, and try it out! It'll most probably be working as well as it used to!
 My new head has a huge hole as it was meant for bigger wires. So, I took some of my air dry clay and cover up the gap and hold my wire in place. It also looks pretty ugly with the hole there, so the clay makes it looks neater as well!

That's all!
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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tutorial ( Food Art ) : Bunny At The Beach Breakfast!

Bunny At The Beach Bread Tutorial
Hi everyone! I've recently (well, not exactly very recent.. about a few months back), fell in love more and more with food art! I've actually been doing it since years back but they were all minor ones (smiley faces, bears, etc; just creating form what was already served). It was only recently that I decided to do more. Starting the food art from scratch! It's pretty fun.

Today we'll be making the Bunny At The Beach!

What is needed :
1) Plain bread
2) Two different coloured spread of your choice
3) Cheese
4) Hard boiled egg
 Place your plain bread on a tray or something to keep the table from being dirty.
 Cover it in your two different coloured spread like the above. I used milo powder (using kaya as glue) and peanut butter for this food art.
 Then, I cut out cheese to form the sun.
 Here's a bigger picture of the sun.
 Moving on,
Slice the hard boiled egg into half. Forming the body of the bunny. Then, cut 4 short strips and 2 long strips for the bunny's hands, legs, and ears! Place it on the bread like the above. Then, cut out a little sandcastle for your bunny food art with cheese!

You're pretty much done. Add in the eyes and the nose carefully.
Something feels pretty empty still.. so I added...
a shirt!

And tadaa! The bunny bread food art is done!
and the bunny shall be eaten. Opps!

Bye bunny!
Have fun with your food art!
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