Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tutorial ( Food Art ) : Bunny At The Beach Breakfast!

Bunny At The Beach Bread Tutorial
Hi everyone! I've recently (well, not exactly very recent.. about a few months back), fell in love more and more with food art! I've actually been doing it since years back but they were all minor ones (smiley faces, bears, etc; just creating form what was already served). It was only recently that I decided to do more. Starting the food art from scratch! It's pretty fun.

Today we'll be making the Bunny At The Beach!

What is needed :
1) Plain bread
2) Two different coloured spread of your choice
3) Cheese
4) Hard boiled egg
 Place your plain bread on a tray or something to keep the table from being dirty.
 Cover it in your two different coloured spread like the above. I used milo powder (using kaya as glue) and peanut butter for this food art.
 Then, I cut out cheese to form the sun.
 Here's a bigger picture of the sun.
 Moving on,
Slice the hard boiled egg into half. Forming the body of the bunny. Then, cut 4 short strips and 2 long strips for the bunny's hands, legs, and ears! Place it on the bread like the above. Then, cut out a little sandcastle for your bunny food art with cheese!

You're pretty much done. Add in the eyes and the nose carefully.
Something feels pretty empty still.. so I added...
a shirt!

And tadaa! The bunny bread food art is done!
and the bunny shall be eaten. Opps!

Bye bunny!
Have fun with your food art!
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