Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tutorial : Fixing Your Dead Tool's Plug

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Anyways, HELLO!
Being a crafter, we got to face the facts that some things just don't go our way. The other day, I was fixing this huge project when... my oh-so-dear hot glue gun, decided it should lose a leg.

As you can see below, the 2 pin plug has a missing leg.
Since we're crafters, we might as well be 'doctors' too! I think it's really important for us to know how to fix certain things (the more the better!)
 So here's a tinsy winsy tip on changing your plug heads.

What you will need :
1) Extra plug head
2) Screwdriver
3) Wire stripper
4) Newspaper

First thing you got to do is to remove the original head. Then, open up your extra plug head with your screwdriver. It's fairly simple. Unscrew those bolts (golden in mine above) where they're holding down 3 different wires and take those wires out.
Next, you'll want to take the wire that is connected to your tool (my hot glue gun in this case) and use a wire stripper to remove the outer rubber coat. When that is done, it should look like something in the picture above where your mini wire strips are revealed. It may be two or three wires. Just let it be. Twist the ends of it if it's really messy. Don't worry, you won't be zapped.
 Then you'll have to connect it properly.

There's 3 wires to take note of :
1) Earth wire (Green/Yellow)
2) Live wire (Brown/Red)
3) Neutral (Blue)

The little white tube in the picture above is the fuse. The live wire goes to the knob right there. The neutral wire goes to the one at the bottom (reference : my photo above) and the last one which is the earth wire goes to the very top.

My tool only had 2 wires which is the Neutral wire and the Live wire.
Guess what?

That's basically it! You've just fixed it! All you need to do now is screw the cover back on, and try it out! It'll most probably be working as well as it used to!
 My new head has a huge hole as it was meant for bigger wires. So, I took some of my air dry clay and cover up the gap and hold my wire in place. It also looks pretty ugly with the hole there, so the clay makes it looks neater as well!

That's all!
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  1. That appears to be an European connector your putting on the end of that glue gun that used to have a standard American connector. Personally, I'd recommend buying the same type of connector made for the same type of wires. When you use the wrong connector and the wrong sizes problems can arise. The reason the connector has such a big hole is that it's made for a higher rated voltage at higher watts than the glue gun. While ordinarily a device that is made for 110v will draw half the amps when running on 220v, heating devices are a little different. They will typically draw pretty much all of what is available, by nature due to the way they are generally wired. They generally heat up by setting up a coil in which one end is wired to the neutral and the other end is wired to the common. Electricity then flows really rapidly as fast as possible, heating up the coil to the point that the wire will melt if not rated for a high enough amperage. Glue guns usually run about $10 or less, with the cost, I'd just buy another glue gun rather than paying between half the cost and the entire price to replace the wire with a connector that might be safe. Now given other devices, that depends. Simple push-in connectors are available for 2-conductor devices that have similar wiring as the glue gun, but again If someone pulled on the connector it's expose wires when they slip out of the new connector, and the connector would be close to half the cost of the glue gun usually.

    1. Hello (: Thank you for your comment. Wasn't aware of the difference in heating devices. I did know that the larger hole is for a different wire, but was told that it would work fine. Will take note of it the next time ;) Appreciate your help. Thanks!