Saturday, 30 March 2013

Handmade Wire Ear Cuff

 New HANDMADE heart shaped ear cuff!
I found some extra wire from previous crafts and decided to turn them into something else more useful.
I think the heart turned out really nice.
Yipee! Both sides are not 100% equal, but I still think it's pretty good.
I also made something else...
 Tried 2 different designs. Didn't like it as much as the heart though. They were so much harder to control.
Well, that's all for now.
Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Office Trick : Binding Clips To Hold Handphone Cables

 Hello beautiful people of planet earth!
Some of you already know that I started work in my old school. Well, nothing much for today's post, but I just thought of sharing a simple trick that may come in handy.

 Whee! Screenshot this and saved it. What for? I have no idea. Just proud to be part of the team I suppose.
Anyways, here goes..

 Tadaa! A simple trick with an office binding clip to keep your charger cables up. You need not hunt for the cables anymore. The plug points from where I sit are on the floor, and there isn't much space around too.. I always had to roll my chair out just to get the phone cable. Pretty troublesome for a tiny office so I did this!

What to do : 
1. Get blue tact or anything sticky.
2. Stick the binding clip with it.
3. Use your cable to go through the hoop right there.

My binding clip not only holds my hand phone cable, but it also holds my ear phones now! How useful.
  Well, that's all. Tata!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Drawing; The Croods

 So, I've always LOVED cartoons. They make me happy - ALWAYS! (: 
And just yesterday, I was smiling the whole way home because I just watched THE CROODS !
Yayyyy! I give it a 10 out of 10 ! Perhaps even an 11 out of 10 ! Yeap. It's really THAT good!

No one in the world should miss this show, and so, I vow to hunt for the dvd when it's out, and keep it for my future child. Hahahah!

I haven't been drawing in quite a bit. My last record was October 2012. And before that piece, it was April 2012. I usually draw animal portraits, 
 A few of my favourite works from different sketch books.
 A little penguin
 Baby Monkey!

but I thought it would be fun to try something different. So here comes cartoons!
 I started out with this.
 and continued on.
 and the tiger grew stripes!
 Tadaa! The left arm is a little off though. I should have drawn it in front a little.
 Overall, pretty satisfied with the drawing.
Yesterday, after posting this drawing on instagram, I showed another sneak peek.
 I posted this picture. And now, to reveal what was drawn!
"Dummm Dummm DAAAAAAAAA!!!!"
 A bat from the movie and more tigers(but mini)!
I found the pictures online and just had to draw the adorable tiger. Here's a close up...
 Hmm. I wonder what Tiger saw.
Eeek! Adorable, no? I drew the tiger himself, then felt like something should be added.
Thus, the drumstick appeared.

Well, that is all for now. And again, if you have yet to watch the movie, GO WATCH!!!! 
I love all (almost) cartoons, but I assure you, you WILL fall in love with The Croods!

Alright. Time to go. Bye bye!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Alien Pancakes?

 Jolene is in the kitchen again! This time, to play with the colours of the rainbow.
Hmmmm.. I really wish I have a flying camera to film whatever I do. Oh wells.
 On this beautiful day, we are making pancakes!!!!
Best yet, we have SPRINKLES! Rainbow SPRINKLES!

I bought a box of pancake mix from Giant and was just too excited to play with it. So tadaa!
Make the pancake mix according to the packaging. Add milk for a creamier texture and water for a fluffier one. I added water to mine though I bought milk that morning. Haha.
 Mix in the rainbow sprinkles. You need quite a lot, for they disappear fairly quick.
 Pour a scoop of mix in and gently smoothen it out into a circle.
Wait till bubbles start floating to the very top and goes 'pop!', then flip it over to the other side and cook till a light roasted brown colour. Keep warm and serve immediately! (:
 You can basically add anything to it. In the picture above, I've added bananas & chocolate chips!

Now for playtime-with-pancakes no.2 !
 These are some leftover pancake mix which I added food colouring to. Red, Blue & Purple!
 I might have added a tinsy bit too much colouring?
 It looks fun but kinda scary for food doesn't it?
 Tadaaaa! They have sprinkles too. Somewhat resembles an alien pancake or so? Galaxy prints these days have a lot of purple and blue blend just like these. 

Unfortunately, the colour is too scray to make it look yummiliscious. It was fed to the dumpster later on.
Goodbye pancake!

An Entry For A Doodling Contest

 A sneak peek I shared once.
This was done for a doodling competition where you are to doodle what love is.
 This was what I wrote.. or drew..

 It's from a story I once read online.
  Colouring everything in one by one.
 One of my favourite parts of the drawing. It came up randomly.
 I like how the dots are stars turned out to be.
 End Product
 Not my best work, but I really like how the top left turned out, where the 'LOVE' and stars are. Love the effect that the little dots gave.  
That's all for this post. More to come.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When Rainbow And Hearts Collide

Hi everyone! Welcome to my world of artsy fartsy-ness !
It's filled with dreams, wonders and farts of love! hahha! Sorry, just feeling a little silly today.

Anyways, my drawings are back from the framing shop! The ones that I talked about here.
They've brought home new 'clothes'!
I love this one the best! Somehow, I've always had a thing for doodled clothesline.
When trees start blooming love. I randomly came up with the background pattern. It reminds me of this and this! I quite like how it turned out.
I think colouring the back of the words is a good idea. What do you think?
Colourful things are always pretty. That's why rainbows are so loved by the whole world! *dance around and puts smiley face stickers on everyone's face*
A lot of people seems to like this drawing.
Didn't realize it till someone told me that it's the name of a song.
Ahh.. I love rainbows.
I spy a little snail. Can you spot it?

That's enough rainbows for today!
Oh, and these drawings are also for sale on BoxOfHobbies! I'll upload their picture real soon!

All these drawings above are made because I made this and thought it would be fun to make more hearts for other drawings. I didn't think of it at first, it just popped into my mind halfway through making that.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Oreogami ; An Oreo Animation, and Balloon Sculpting!

Hi everyone!
How many of you love oreo cookies?!! *raises both hands in the air and waves them like a madman*
Well, a friend of mine tagged me in a video and I found it really interesting!
Have a look!
It may just be a 30 second video, but the process of making it wasn't easy.
Every little frame was done with care and patience. Kelly Cheatle did the oreo styling, and Larry Moss did the animation. The idea was bloomed from these two person deciding to have a cookie break after some experiments with stop motion style animation. Really cool isn't it? Maybe we should start having more cookie breaks too!

From this little link of awesomeness, I found out something more about both of them which became even more awesome! Kelly and Larry are actually from which creates impressive sculptures all from balloons! 
 Check this out! 40,781 non-round balloons were used to make everything you see in this picture (except the two designers by the ball). Even the grass are made of latex balloons! The sculpture is known to be 25 feet tall and 80 feet wide! Incredible!

Below are two of my favourites from their gallery - Once Upon A Time. They are made with a combination of balloon sculpture, photography and illustration.
 Love it! Something unique and new.
Do check out their site and browse through their awesome galleries!