Monday, 25 March 2013

Drawing; The Croods

 So, I've always LOVED cartoons. They make me happy - ALWAYS! (: 
And just yesterday, I was smiling the whole way home because I just watched THE CROODS !
Yayyyy! I give it a 10 out of 10 ! Perhaps even an 11 out of 10 ! Yeap. It's really THAT good!

No one in the world should miss this show, and so, I vow to hunt for the dvd when it's out, and keep it for my future child. Hahahah!

I haven't been drawing in quite a bit. My last record was October 2012. And before that piece, it was April 2012. I usually draw animal portraits, 
 A few of my favourite works from different sketch books.
 A little penguin
 Baby Monkey!

but I thought it would be fun to try something different. So here comes cartoons!
 I started out with this.
 and continued on.
 and the tiger grew stripes!
 Tadaa! The left arm is a little off though. I should have drawn it in front a little.
 Overall, pretty satisfied with the drawing.
Yesterday, after posting this drawing on instagram, I showed another sneak peek.
 I posted this picture. And now, to reveal what was drawn!
"Dummm Dummm DAAAAAAAAA!!!!"
 A bat from the movie and more tigers(but mini)!
I found the pictures online and just had to draw the adorable tiger. Here's a close up...
 Hmm. I wonder what Tiger saw.
Eeek! Adorable, no? I drew the tiger himself, then felt like something should be added.
Thus, the drumstick appeared.

Well, that is all for now. And again, if you have yet to watch the movie, GO WATCH!!!! 
I love all (almost) cartoons, but I assure you, you WILL fall in love with The Croods!

Alright. Time to go. Bye bye!

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