Sunday, 24 March 2013

Alien Pancakes?

 Jolene is in the kitchen again! This time, to play with the colours of the rainbow.
Hmmmm.. I really wish I have a flying camera to film whatever I do. Oh wells.
 On this beautiful day, we are making pancakes!!!!
Best yet, we have SPRINKLES! Rainbow SPRINKLES!

I bought a box of pancake mix from Giant and was just too excited to play with it. So tadaa!
Make the pancake mix according to the packaging. Add milk for a creamier texture and water for a fluffier one. I added water to mine though I bought milk that morning. Haha.
 Mix in the rainbow sprinkles. You need quite a lot, for they disappear fairly quick.
 Pour a scoop of mix in and gently smoothen it out into a circle.
Wait till bubbles start floating to the very top and goes 'pop!', then flip it over to the other side and cook till a light roasted brown colour. Keep warm and serve immediately! (:
 You can basically add anything to it. In the picture above, I've added bananas & chocolate chips!

Now for playtime-with-pancakes no.2 !
 These are some leftover pancake mix which I added food colouring to. Red, Blue & Purple!
 I might have added a tinsy bit too much colouring?
 It looks fun but kinda scary for food doesn't it?
 Tadaaaa! They have sprinkles too. Somewhat resembles an alien pancake or so? Galaxy prints these days have a lot of purple and blue blend just like these. 

Unfortunately, the colour is too scray to make it look yummiliscious. It was fed to the dumpster later on.
Goodbye pancake!

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