Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When Rainbow And Hearts Collide

Hi everyone! Welcome to my world of artsy fartsy-ness !
It's filled with dreams, wonders and farts of love! hahha! Sorry, just feeling a little silly today.

Anyways, my drawings are back from the framing shop! The ones that I talked about here.
They've brought home new 'clothes'!
I love this one the best! Somehow, I've always had a thing for doodled clothesline.
When trees start blooming love. I randomly came up with the background pattern. It reminds me of this and this! I quite like how it turned out.
I think colouring the back of the words is a good idea. What do you think?
Colourful things are always pretty. That's why rainbows are so loved by the whole world! *dance around and puts smiley face stickers on everyone's face*
A lot of people seems to like this drawing.
Didn't realize it till someone told me that it's the name of a song.
Ahh.. I love rainbows.
I spy a little snail. Can you spot it?

That's enough rainbows for today!
Oh, and these drawings are also for sale on BoxOfHobbies! I'll upload their picture real soon!

All these drawings above are made because I made this and thought it would be fun to make more hearts for other drawings. I didn't think of it at first, it just popped into my mind halfway through making that.

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