Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tutorial : Framed Rainbow Hearts

 Hey everyone! Today is a really beautiful day! What's more beautiful is that I have a lovely rainbow heart tutorial for you!

Here's what you will need :
1) Printed heart according to a size you would like / Heart puncher
2) Coloured papers (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple)
3) Scissors
4) String
5) Photo Frame
 6) White A4 paper
7) Scotch Tape
8) Two Rulers
9) Double Sided Tape
10) Patience

 I love rainbows, don't you?
 If you have a heart puncher, go ahead and punch your way through. I didn't have any, so I decided to do it the traditional way - using a printed heart and a scissors.
 I thought the red cut outs were pretty, so I decided to keep long strips of them after. Note that for this tutorial, only about 4-6 hearts are needed depending on your likings. I cut of extra because I fancied the strips of love (below).
 These are only a few of the cut-out hearts. I actually have more and spent 3 hours cutting all of them!
 When you're done, use scotch tape to firmly stick your A4 paper to the frame. In my case I have a border that came with the frame, so I stuck it to the border.
 Remove the frame so that there is more hand space to work with.
 I only wanted the hearts in the middle. So, I measured the sides and used a thin rope (you can use ribbons or any kind of strings) to draw temporary borders.
 To paste the heart, cut a small bit of double sided tape and paste it in the middle of the heart where the folded line is. That will allow your hearts to fold outwards a little at the sides and make it look as though they're popping out a little.
 The middle is always the best place to start. It helps you keep an eye on the other two sides if they're balanced. The first row of hearts have to follow the measurements on the ruler.
Calculate the full height and width of the box, minus (heart size x 7) and divide by 8 again (Do this one at a time, which means height first, and then width). This will determine the space to leave in between the hearts and includes the first and last space between the temporary rope. If you don't want a space between the ropes, divide 6 instead.
 For every piece of rainbow heart placed, I use two rulers. One placed horizontally and one vertically. Both of them are to ensure that the alignment is right. I found it easier to measure the horizontal one by following it's shadow instead of the ruler itself.

To measure the vertical one, just follow the folded line from the first row of hearts.

 They're almost filled up!
 And done! The entire thing took me another 3 hours to align and paste. So it has been a total of 6 hours including the cutting of the hearts. I do have a lot of extra hearts though, since I only used 4 from each colour. They shall be turned into a different art.
 You may now take the rope off and admire your beautiful rainbow heart artwork!
When you're finished with everything and cleared all the mess, give yourself a huge pat on the back! Frame it up and give it more love!

My inspiration for this came from something I saw online, and also the quote "The rainbows in the sky show that God's promises are true."
That's all! Thanks for dropping by! Love you guys! Bye!

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