Friday, 2 November 2012

CREW T-Shirt !

Hey everyone!! I brought my awkward baby to college today!
Today's post is about a project I just finished.
 Black clay t-shirts.
 Sliced with a handmade templete.
 Hand drawn/painted with black acrylic paint on a needle tool.
 The order was made for the crew of an event. Thus, the drawings are all different as to show the task the specific crew did.
 The drawings are then coloured with Sharpie markers.
 All of them are coloured nicely.
 The plain black t-shirts need something more.
 The word 'CREW' was added on all the black t-shirts.
 Red, Blue, Green and Yellow acrylic paints were used on the t-shirt.
These are the products look. They are attached to a pin later on. I currently do not have a picture for that. So sorry. That is all for now. Goodnights!

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