Friday, 16 November 2012

Lovely Rainbow Hearts

 Hey beautiful readers! Meet Ariana! She's from my children's church. I haven't seen her since the old church and was pretty surprised when I saw her. She's grown so big.
 On the left was when we were still in the old church, and on the right is her now!
Look at how much she has grown.  (':

From the previous blogpost, I mentioned that I had a lot of leftover hearts!
 Here's what I did with them :
 I really love this piece. A simple black and white drawing with a bright red heart spreading love.
 A Rainbow Love Tree
 So they say, 'Love Takes You Places'. I wonder if that is true.
I love how the rainbow behind the words turned out.
 Can you spot the tiny snail?
 A jar of gumballs?

There are two more which I forgot to take a picture of before sending them off to be framed.
 Choosing the frames.
 I'm so excited for everything to be done! More pictures will be up next week when they return!
That's all for now. Hope you enjoy the rainbows! Bye!

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