Friday, 6 June 2014

Henna Tattoo at Taylor's Lakeside

Hi everyone! Some time back, I was invited to Taylor's Lakeside by a friend to help with a Henna Tattoo booth! I thought that was pretty fun and I haven't done henna since high school back in 2009! So I thought why not. It's a booth that's completely free, no charge and you can pick any design you want.

I had some samples in my ipad, and let the 'customers' choose. Back in 2009, all I ever did was small simple henna tattoos. But I'm quite glad that this time round they chose a lot more complicated designs and I am able to try them out. I am also able to freely change the designs slightly and be more creative.

Here are a few designs I've done that day.
 A pretty cute design. I quite like the diamond in the middle.
 Flowers! I think this one is really really beautiful.
 I suppose this is one of the more complicated designs I've done. I love the outcome!
 A simple feather.
 Pretty unique. It reminds me of the sea.

My two favourite from that day :
Which one do you like better?

That's all for today
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  1. wow, I like this with flowers!

  2. Love it all. Particularly like how the design drapes across the hand and flows down the index finger in the image on the right. That is my favorite. :-)

    1. Thank you!! :D Yes, very beautiful and somewhat graceful (: You should try them! ;)