Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Drawing Inspired By Elsa

 Hi everyone! I don't always do a lot of drawings, especially not these kind. If I do draw, I usually draw portraits. But I've been pretty inspired by instagram users lately with different styles of drawing and painting. And so I decided to try this.
 I used a pencil to draw Elsa (inspired by Elsa but not exactly Elsa?) first before colouring her in.

 A bit more of her hair is done.
 I rarely draw human, and the eyebrows were kinda tricky to get it right. So were the eyes and mouth. Not the best, but at least it looks pretty alright?

 I am always afraid of colouring things in. I'm afraid it would spoil the whole drawing or character. I tried anyways, her face being first. I coloured really lightly though. Still afraid of the outcome.
 After darkening her eyes, I think she looks much better. Then I continued with her hair. I'm always impressed by how people colour them in whereby it really looks like there were lights shone on it.
 I coloured pieces in and tried the 'light effect'. I mixed blue and green for her hair. The colour's a bit different though I'm not sure why or how to correct it. It's more bluish than the greenish hair above. Though I like both the colours in the photo above and below.
 She pretty much looks something like this.
 Then I outlined the snowflake-like petals on her hair.
 I didn't think of darkening her lips at first, but decided to try after.
I like how the top of her outfit shows an 'icicle-like' design.

And with that I'm done.

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