Monday, 9 June 2014

Tutorial : Rilakkuma Clay Figurine

Hello!!! Have you seen my latest post of Kiiroitori? If you haven't, do check it out here!
Because Kiiroitori was made, I thought I should make Rilakkuma too! Any fans out there?

What you'll need :
1) Clay (Brown, White, Yellow)
2) Black Acrylic Paint
3) Glue or Bake N Bond

Let's start!
 I don't have too many progress photos as the steps are really really easy. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out.

Basically, you'll need 2 large brown clay for the head and the body. 4 medium ones for Rilakkuma's ears and feet (the ears are slightly larger) and 2 small brown clay for Rilakkuma's hands!
Once you got that, it's time to make the yellow pieces. Have them be quarter of what your brown clay is. Roll the yellow clay into balls and press them down. All you have to do then is just place them over the brown clay.

For Rilakkuma's arms, roll them both into a teardrop shape and attach. Yeap. It's that simple!
For the white pieces, it's pretty much the same as the ears and feet except they're a more oval shape. With the body slightly longer than the one on the face.

And now it's time to paint on Rilakkuma's face!
Get out your black acrylic paint! I used a headpin to assist me in the painting stage. But you can use anything with a tip like a needle or a toothpick. Make sure your hands are still. You can also practice on a piece of paper first if you're unsure.
 And tadaaa! You're done!
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