Friday, 25 November 2011

Tutorial : Booklet Keychain/Pendant

Hey people! On my previous post, I've said that I made those mini book keychains for the teachers. In this post, you'll learn how you could do so too!

Stack up some papers and cut them into strips according to the width of your choice. For me, I was pretty lazy to use a ruler to measure, so I cut it into the width of 3 boxes on the cutting board. I'm planning to make a 3 box by 3 box booklet - It's a square!
 Yes, that is a rectangle. I'm planning to split that into 2 after. Was trying if it was easier done this way. 2 in 1. You'd have to use a glue gun to get one side sticking together. I allowed the glue to drip on a piece of paper (base paper) below, then use the stacked paper to brush one side on it. Pull it up right away after the sides are all covered, a thin layer of glue should be there.

If it turns out too thick, like my first two, use a blade to trim the dried bulging bunch of glue. Since it's glue gun, even it it's a thin layer of glue, it'll usually have extra that's been pulled of and you'll see that the glue's still connected to the one on the base paper. Use a blade or your fingers to separate it.
 On the left are the thick layer of glue. On the right are the thinner ones.
Now, use patterned paper of your choice and trim it to twice the width and twice the length. Make sure the width is slightly longer so it could fit your stacks of paper. Just glue the first and last piece of stacked paper and stick the cover on. You should get something like the picture above.

These are those that are done! Here's the pictures one by one. Teacher Ivan and Teacher Melissa D'Silva's don't have individual pictures though. I already gave them before I took individual pictures.


That's all for the booklets! Thank you!

Book Binding

I've been waiting for a really long time! Early this year, I found out about book binding. Not those you get by going to a book shop asking them to bind your papers and stuff, but something that includes some sewing. I've searched for books since then, but only found one, and it wasn't as easy to understand. Finally, exams and schools are over! And Fabric Fanatics had a workshop for book binding by Angelicquirk. I just simple HAD to go! They had a class on one of the Sundays before, but I had exams on Monday and did not attend then. Today's was supposed to be canceled, but I asked if it could be reopened if I have about 3 ppl joining and the person there said ok! So, I went today with Teacher MJ, Hui Yi and Lydia Leow. Another 2 person joined in too. One joined from the beginning, and the other at 2:30pm. Here are the books I've made!
 We fold the papers, glue them all and even bind them together ourselves! Check out the sides of the books! Super cool! All done by hand!
 Pretty isn't it? I really love it! What do you think? Not bad for something done by hand eh?
I also went over to Fabric Fanatics' shop beside to buy more cloth. Even though I already have quite a number of cloth. Opps. It's addictive to buy things from any shops like these. Well, that is all for this post! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Awesome sewing! :) keep up the good work! Can make tiny books for pendants in the future using Coptic stitch! :)

  2. Haha! Thank you!! I will try making them soon! :D Promise! Will let you know once I tried it out ;)

  3. Just found your blog, I like the keychain books! I might make them for everyone at work!!
    You can see my blog here at:

  4. Hey Shannon! Glad you liked it! Yeah. It would be a great gift for a whole bunch of people! Adorable yet simple! hehe. Thanks for dropping by! Visiting your blog now! :D