Saturday, 5 November 2011

I Love Mum

Moms are amazing. Don't you think so? They carried us for 9 months in their stomach and had to be careful the whole time. They can't take certain food at that time too. Gosh. I really love jumping and running around, and eating all sorts of food. How would I survive then? Anyways, here's a little something my sister and I decided to do for mom. The idea was in our minds for a really long time, but we didn't come out and do it. Finally, it's done! My dad's car has one too - done on Father's day.

 The end result! That is all.

Hey people! I think I'm becoming more girl than I ever was before. What I meant was, how I dress up and stuff. Today, this was what I wore to church.
In so many years, this is my FIRST time wearing a hairband and a waist belt. Plus, I seldom ever wear earrings, make up [eyeliner], and a dress. How it happened? I love long skirts, really really love them - they can be both skirts or dresses. So today, I tried it on as a skirt, and in the end decide to wear it as a dress! It looks a little fat, so that's where the waist belt came in. As for the hairband and make up, my sis was showing me some kpop videos. She randomly say "I feel like putting on make up for you!" and her smile grew from one end to the other. It wasn't much, just simple stuff, but still. She put on the hairband to keep my hair away, then put a bit of foundation and drew eyeliner. The hairband seems to fit, so it stayed there. And that's how this picture came about.
 When I smile, I always have one eye bigger than the other. And yesterday, my sister and I finally found our similarities!

Although biological sisters, we don't look much alike. One born with hair straighter than usual, and the other curlier than usual. One born with teeth that falls off itself, and the other has to visit the dentist all the time. One was chubbier, and the other slimmer. One has big ears and the other had small ones. Even what we can do or what we preferred are different! She sings well and could hear if a tune was sang correctly, but I can't - I'd sing out of tune sometimes, especially when the verse changes. I can draw better, and she draws adorable kid-like drawings. She attack sweet foods first, while I prefer savory. Not many knew we were sisters when they first met us. Some even had to see both our IC to believe. This time, we found something similar! When we smile, one of our eyes are larger than the other. And when eyeliners are drawn, one side's could be seen very nicely, and the other would be half covered and half seen. The picture above doesn't show much, but it's true! Oh well, that is all for today. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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