Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Owl Slippers - Before And After

How do you find those slippers you get for free from hotels? Those you wear inside the rooms. Let me show you something I did with a spare I found. I adorablized it. The quality may not improve whatsoever, but at least your slippers will be cuter now! Want one? Here's what to do.

First, choose your fabric. I chose an owl print bought from Fabric Fanatics
I didn't use any measuring tool, but just tried to fold and trace the top layer of the original slippers [make sure it fits well on you. You can make it smaller if it's too big]. Pin it down on the folded fabric with the bottom layer right side down, and the top layer right side up.

 Cut it out. Arrange the fabric on top of the slipper and start fixing it up. You could do this by sewing or using glue. Sewing would be neater and more convenient if you have a sewing machine. Sadly, I don't. If using glue, make sure the cloth on top does not touch the base. The glue soaks through fabric and might be stuck to the base if done so. I used rounded paper to keep the fabric up. Here are the results :
[Click the picture to have a better view]

And these are my feet in the new homey owl slippers!

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