Friday, 11 November 2011

BoxOfHobbies at Sunway Giza!

Hey people! As many of you know, I'm selling my crafts and others as BoxOfHobbies. I've actually created a Facebook page for it [which I didn't find myself updating often enough] , and also had it selling at Readz Bookstore in City Harvest Church. It was my first time doing these kind of things, and I found it very messy to deal with products, codes and prices. It's doing much better now though. The first month selling in Readz went well, I've earned about RM60 after the cost were deducted. The 2nd and 3rd month though, did not even covered the cost of it. So I withdraw my items from Readz. I also stopped updating it on Facebook for a moment and plan to make an E-bay account and an Etsy account soon - most likely next year for E-bay. As for now, BoxOfHobbies has been placed at a new place! If you'd like to shop for items from BoxOfHobbies, you can now find it at Yii-Tou located in Sunway Giza!
It's a brand new shop facing the main road. It has unique objects, clothes (ready or custom-made), beautiful fabrics, creative gifts, interesting housewares and many life inspired creations! So be sure to check it out if you ever drop by! Thank you!

 These are a few of my products. The pink bird up there is made into a brooch/pin badge. On the left of the pictures are buttons made into stud earrings. The bottom has a set of pumpkin-like earrings and pendant which has been bought by my school teacher - Teacher Bernie. And on the right are a set of 4 paper clips and an adorable clip.
 Everything is set up nicely on the stand, ready to be moved to Yii-Tou.
I may be printing some business cards soon! I'm very very excited for it. The picture above is the front and back of the card. I wanted to have something else for the front, but my friend said what I wanted would be too complicated and that this is simple and nice. I'm not sure whether or not I should change it. I kinda prefer the other. Anyways, I will think about that later. I really really loved the back of the card, it has a sunflower stamp and resembles a postcard! It's like a postcard-name-card! My friend said that it doesn't seem very professional and thought it would be better in another way. But I simple love this design and thought that BoxOfHobbies are about Hobbies! It need not be too professional looking where it seems a bit common and boring. I just want it to be something fun and creative like BoxOfHobbies should be! Well, that is all for the update on BoxOfHobbies.

Since yesterday, my eyes have been glued on Oddee. They have quite a number of interesting things. Funny, fascination, cool and other stuff. Here's a few things from their page.

 These heels are awesome. Free tips!
That's all! If you want more, check out their webpage! Bye!

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