Wednesday, 30 November 2011

KL Getaway

 Hey guys! My sister picked that outfit for me! I seldom wear these kind of clothes, but when she asked me to try it on, I fell in love with it! What do you think?
Highschool is over! I was recently clearing out unwanted stuff including past year papers and all. And I found those. My colourful stack of Homework List! Don't they make you feel like you just had to finish your work?

Anyways, yesterday - Tuesday, my sister and I went for a 1 day KL getaway trip. We were suppose to go for some spa, but it was fully booked and we postpone it to 11th Dec. We spent most of our time at KL eating. First, we head over to Ben's for these :

Refreshing soda with peach puree. Pretty good.
Mixed berries crumble tart.

Chocolate Truffle Torte
 The food there was awesome! Other than these, we also ordered another mango mint drink and beef lasagna.The drink was really refreshing and had a special taste to it. The beef lasagna was the best! The cheese was smooth and soft, unlike how many are after being baked. You should really try the place out. I rate it 9/10! The area was gorgeous too. And very comfortable. I'd love to visit that place again!

After Ben's, we walked around then went to watch "Puss In Boots" at about 7pm. It was pretty good I suppoes. Not a big fan of Puss In Boots or cats, so I'm fine. It was pretty good though. After the movie, we walked about more and settled down at "Coffee Club" to have a cup of coffee and a little snack.

The food is good and the portion was more than what I expected. Like I said above, we were thinking of a little snack, but it came out huge! So yeah, I think it's a pretty good place - it doesn't give you food in a smaller size compared with the picture. The fries were crispy and super yummy! The drinks though, weren't very special or anything. It's more light and didn't have that much taste. Still alright I guess. This place is located right outside of Uniclo.

 Some creamy jelly stuff. It was good!
 Leopardy skinned potato?

Enough about the food, if you want to know more, check out my sister's blog at Journey Of A Fat-er Woman. It's awesome! Below here is a picture of my NEW jacket! I love jackets! I find this one cute because it has the sweater feeling, but it's a jacket!

I love the jacket! Cute right?
Anyways, these 3 items below were made from hama beads. It's fairly simple. Just arrange them and iron them together! Ta-daaa! Masterpiece!
That is all for this post! Thank you!!


  1. everything's so YUMMY!

    and ur looking good mei! ;D

  2. Yes! Come back and have a feast! :D haha! Thanks kor ;)