Monday, 28 November 2011

My Family At IKEA

Charlie bit me! Okay, fine. That's not Charlie. Well, this fella bit me. And it has black and white stripes! Oh no! If you find me in the hospital, you'll know why. Kidding! RIP little evil monster!
Anyways, which of you have been to IKEA just for their meatballs?! Yum! If you haven't tried them yet, you really should! Even my mom, who usually does not fancy these kind of food, likes it!
It's a feast!

 One more thing that is a must try in IKEA is the Daim Cake!
 The meatballs! They have jam hidden somewhere under the fries.
 Anyone heard of salmon juice?
 Just a simple straw could make it look like a submarine.
 Oh! I find this cute! It's like a light in disguise as a pillow! I don't wish to have it in my house or anything, but it just seems cute. Ninja-light! *disappears*

 Don't you love the fireplace?
 Guess what, that fireplace you see in the picture, it's fake. Yeap, all fake. It was made for an event called DubTube, organized by Dubcube! If you're a highschooler, and would love to go for awesome events, camps and other stuff, like their page and get updated! It is made specially for you!
The blur snowy effect was given because of the iphone's flash.
 That's all for today's post! Thank you!!

Oh by the way, this here's my sister!
She's a princess! And if my sister is a princess, that makes me a princess too! And we live happily ever after! The End!

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