Tuesday, 15 November 2011

College & Captain Planet

Next year. Where will I be heading to next year? Life doesn't come with an instruction booklet, it doesn't tell you what to do, or where to go. Education wise, many would go from high school --> college --> university. But for me, it would be high school --> college --> The Land Of Crafty Dreams! I don't actually need to go to college at all to end up at 'The Land Of Crafty Dreams'. But I want to. I want to at least experience college in my life - I don't want to go to college as a grandma in the future! Though, that might be pretty fun to try. In my life, I love to experience many different things. Good or bad, I still enjoy the experience. Really. See things positively and learn from all these precious experiences!

 I've decided to go for CIMP in Sunway College next year. I've always heard so much about it from friends and loved how their classes are carried out. Anyways, they're all for experience sake. After CIMP, I'll be heading to different mini courses to pick up crafting skills! My dad actually said before, if I'm not going to CIMP, he'd bring me for internet marketing, so most likely I'd be doing that after CIMP too. That's all about the college stuff. Don't know what else to post for now. Maybe soon I'll post up funny facts I find about myself. Maybe.

I made these yesterday! Drew the drawing, painted it, cut and glued it on. What are they? They're the rings from Captain Planet! I don't watch them, never even heard about them till a couple of days ago.

Oh! And here's the link to Roxy's video on her 5th birthday! Just in case you want to watch..

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