Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tricked By The Family

Hey people! Before I start, let me introduce Roxy! She's my sweet little Pomeranian who is a little TOO smart. She knows tons of tricks, but that's not what I meant by too smart. What I meant was that sometimes she used those smart thinking of hers to do not-so-good things. Like.. run out of the house. She doesn't just run out when the door is open wide. She'd sit still and estimate the size of the door when you ask her to stay, when she realize that the space is just right, she dashes out!
 That's the little girl up there. I love the picture, it looks as if she's studying. Anyways, she's one little attention seeker. My sister has another dog - MooMoo, Shih Tzu. And whenever both of them are out, and either my sister or I wants to pet MooMoo, Roxy would push her head to our hands first. When we move our hand towards MooMoo she quickly goes there too. And according to my sister [I didn't witness this], when my sister does get to pet MooMoo, Roxy would run knowing that MooMoo would follow. Then she'd have this eye contact thing with my sister and then MooMoo. Mmm.. sounds like some evil genius puppy eh? Oh well.

On Saturday night, I went to my mom's cousin's wedding. We weren't close to them at all and my siblings and I have never seen them. Further more, I was sick, so all I wanted then was to quickly have the dinner over with and go home. At that place though, I saw these two beautiful painting on canvas! [Above 2] I love them a lot and hope I could somehow do something like that next time. Although the shape of both of them seems very a like, the feeling they give had a contrast. I don't know bout you, but I find that the blue one gives a magical calm feeling, and the red one gives a fiery warm feeling.

Here's one more artwork from one of my schoolmates. I don't know who was the one who made it, but I loved the picture a lot! I think it's really really great!
 A beautiful Koi fish. I love how they cut similarly coloured pieces and blend them together. Especially the water. Fantastic! 
The picture above was taken during English class yesterday. No, it is not that we didn't do our homework or didn't pay school fees. We're the first language students! We had to do our work elsewhere as the second language students were using the classroom for listening. It was noisy and so we journey on to find a new land to conquer and start work. The spaces outside of the classes were taken, and activity hall was taken by T&T and Hip Hop. So we decided to stop by the stairs and start work. And that's it.

At the last 2 periods of class, I fell sick. I had sore throat and cough since Friday, but this time the fever came by to visit me. I rest a while and headache came to visit when I woke too. Since school's almost over, I just waited till it ends. My family never goes to see the doctor. I haven't visit the doctors for about 5 years now. The last time I went, was to SJMC for an operation on my appendicitis, and that was the only time in a very long time. We believe in drinking tons of water and getting healed just like that, we only visit the doctors if it's really really serious. So yeah. Oh, and we still continue eating all sorts of stuff, but do cut down on fried stuff of course. Anyways, here's the story. Dad asks me to rest at 6pm but I said I couldn't afford sleeping as there's just too much work to do, but he say he'll wake me up at 7pm. So I slept. At 7pm+, my dad, brother and maid came bumbling into the room bugging me and saying that it's FRIDAY 9AM. They rushed me to my room to get ready with someone already holding my school bag. I was so confused and couldn't really catch what they were saying. When they finally said that they were kidding, the bad side of me came up - Miss Grumpy. Whoops! Well, it only lasted a while, I don't get mad so easily.
This was the sick Miss Grumpy's dinner last night. Ramli's.

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