Sunday, 9 October 2011

FIMAGE - less

I say a lot of things all the time, but what really happens after saying them? I do not know. I wish I could do what I say all the time, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Right before this post, I was with my sister, watching some videos on Youtube. And I missed those days where I always posted daily random videos of my life and presentations from Ace on Youtube. During those days, people around me knows that they have a risk being found silly on Youtube. Ahhh.. the fun fun times! I want to take silly videos and upload them again, only problem now is that my laptop's always laggy when I tried editing [basically just sticking the videos together + other super basic stuff], it'll make me wait for a very very very long time. *sulks*. Oh well, hopefully I'll convince myself to just take everything in one shot and upload the raw vid. Will see how it goes.
 I've always told myself to be FIMAGE-less [Fear of image-less]. Most of you from Ace should have already heard this. Anyways, as much as I want to be, there's always a tinsy bit of myself that has FIMAGE. So above here, I'm uploading a random fresh shot of myself with my ugly tied up hair still a bit wet from showering. You might say it isn't very ugly, but to me it is a little - please be patient for me to unleash my craziness in the future. Mmm.. wait, honestly speaking, I think I have less fimage being crazy hippety-hoppy around in videos than I do in pictures. Wanna see what I mean? Check out . Sorry sister!!! Unfortunately, you're in the video too.*Video taken in 2009 -I was in form 3*

As you can see from the video, I am a horrible dancer. Oh well, I've learn to laugh at myself together with people - "They're not laughing at me, they're laughing WITH me!"

 Sorry for so much talking! Here's something to the artsy watsy side. I always enjoyed drawing on plain surfaces, so I bought some hard cover books, wrap them in plain white paper and drew over them. I'm planning to get them wrapped properly and sell them for RM10 each. Is that too expensive? I'm bad with prices.

 I've always loved colours. [My fav colour is blue!]

That's all for the artsy side for now. Let me share a little secret of mine with you before I change my mind! I think the idea's pretty cool. I'm a big dreamer [a lot of you know that] - I think about my wedding, my home decorations, my future kids, life and tons of other stuff. And guess what? I'm actually already preparing for my wedding. Yeap. For my wedding. How? Well, I've decided that since life is precious and time could not be turned back, I'm going to take a video every year congratulation myself on my wedding with whoever it is and perhaps tell future me what I am like currently. I promised myself not to delete those precious although now embarrassing videos I had taken and will be taking. I've taken my first video last year with the help of a few friends [Secret for now, wanna know who? Come to my wedding in the future]. Planning to take my second video after IGCSEs. Yay! That is all!

I love long skirts. This is my first time wearing the one below!

Unfortunately, I'm bad at posing too. 


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