Monday, 10 October 2011

Drawing Again - 21st May

The last drawing I did before this, was in 21st May. It has been a pretty long while since I touched my sketch book. And even before that, I had very long breaks. I finally decided to take some time to draw something.

 I actually wanted to do a drawing on a girl with a horse. I tried drawing a bit, and thought it looked horrible. So I changed.

 This here's the final result! I'm not very good at those shading stuff yet, but this is what I can do so far. I'm not sure if she looked better with dark hair or unshaded hair.. 
-unshaded hair-
Pretty satisfied with the results, may not seem like what it was exactly supposed to, but am happy with it! And I love her eyes, especially the left one in the picture! Thanks for reading! Love you people!

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