Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shrinking Art

Shrink! Shrink! Shrink! Mini-size your artwork in just a few minutes!

I decided to try something out. By shrinking the plastic, the pen ink actually becomes more concentrated in a way, and might result in smudging even after shrinking - unless you use permanent marker [still have, but lesser]. This time, I decided to try my ink pads. I've got various colours by 'Versa Crafts' and decided to try and see if they work.
 The outline is stamped, not drawn. But the rest of the colours are mixed and painted by me. It's a little hard to control how the paint spreads as it's a bit more dry than the usual watercolour.
 The plastic starts to dance about.
 Then it flattens out. I took it out and checked if the ink smudges with my finger. It does, but only a little. I used a transparent spray paint to coat it later on, it made the surface shiny too. It worked! And I continued with 2 other random designs.

 It was getting so exciting just to watch them dance and shrink to about 45% of their size! I just had to make another one. I googled a picture and drew the image below with a permanent marker.

 This picture above shows how they look like after they're shrunk. Wonder what I could use them as now. Hmm. I love the white flower best!

That is all, toodles!


  1. NICE ARTS YOU HAVE THERE! I'm was wanted to ask you something. The horse drawing in school is yours? o.o

  2. Haha! Thank you! Yeap, the horse painting in school is mine (: